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Name:Planetary Mist on Oopailn NP-R C7-3
Game map search ref:Oopailn NP-R C7-3 3 B
Description:When dozens of explorers wanted to revisit the so-called "Misty Mountains of Byeia Free" during the Distants Worlds 2 expedition, nobody could witness such feature. However, not very far from there a similar scene of much bigger magnitude could be discovered.

Oopailn NP-R C7-3 3 B is an icy body with nitrogen magma volcanism. Its outgas covers the body all around when eclipsed by the Class I gas giant it orbits. This eclipse happens about each 7.7 days and lasts for hours. The phenomenon is so big that faint traces of it can still be seen in the day zone of the satellite, specially around geosites, even hours after the body is in direct view of its star.

Geosite #6 is advised as it offers a view of the Gas Giant from inside the canyon.
Screenshot reference: Source: https://imgur.com/a/S42IIH8

The latest two pictures are taken around 30 hours after the end of the eclipse, and you can still see how a thin mist affects the colors of the environment after the first meters.

Note: added 640w versions of the pictures at the end of the IMGUR post for convenience.

I edited a typo in the system name, and also corrected the period of eclipse.
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Site nameThe Forge of Hephaestus
Galactic map system namePhoi Screia GG-Y f314
descriptionA Black Hole system, there is a Neutron Star close at hand when you enter. From there, you have 2 White Dwarf stars in close binary with a CV gas giant in very close orbit. The orbit is so close that it passes right through the cone of Dwarf it orbits, and so fast that it passes through the jet roughly every 18 minutes.
Titan's Graveyard
Region Located around:​
Flyae Flyuae LN-B d13-24
This region has many Carbon Stars in their endlife, they live in a soup of neutron and white dwarves that a far to numerous to count this region can be traversed through rapidly as it covers a 2klyr radius allowing rapidly transfering through.. the carbon star region is around 300 lyr bubble in the centre of this.
due to the numerous White dwarf and neutron stars we can get some very interesting areas. As pictured we have the double neutron system where the second neutron star is visible 250ls away.
The area is centre'd around a Lone C-J Carbon Star located at Flyae Flyuae LN-B d13-24 the only one found so far in the area
Carbon Stars
Double Neutron Stars
StatusStill working on visiting all the Carbons in this region.. I've added distances for the main centre point which is the only C-J I've found so far.
A Black Hole system, there is a Neutron Star close at hand when you enter. From there, you have 2 White Dwarf stars in close binary with a CV gas giant in very close orbit. The orbit is so close that it passes right through the cone of Dwarf it orbits, and so fast that it passes through the jet roughly every 18 minutes.
That's a fantastic find, what a crazy system!
Name:Eye of Boreas
Game map search ref:Prae Pruae TL-B d14-14
Description:Planet 8 of this system is a Class IV gas giant orbited by a Class II gas giant. Planet 8's rings are so massive, I noticed them as I was leaving the system from the vicinity of the primary star at a range of around 2500 ls. The orbit of the Class II "moon" is almost perpendicular to the rings, so as it travels across the face of the disk it gives a wonderful sense of scale.

According to the system entry the rocky outer ring of this planet has a radius of 13,583,779 KM
Screenshot reference:

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Site nameMyrielk MX-R d5-578
Galactic Map System NameMyrielk MX-R d5-578
DescriptionA neutron entry star, in close binary with an M class star, this system has three landable bodies in close proximity to the entry stars. The first are a pair of High Metal Content worlds only 35ls out, one blue, and the other purple/pink are in very close orbit of one another and provide fantastic viewing for the entry pair. There are also numerous mountain ranges and geological signals on both planets.
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NameJewelry Box
Galactic Map System NameBLAE FLYUAE KH-V E2-0
DescriptionThis system has been first discovered by CMDR Dr.Nagi and surveyed by CMDR Chankk Saotome. It has a total of 73 bodies, 14 of which are ringed. This system has a lot of interesting things: Moons in close orbits, ringed worlds with different axial tilts giving astonishing views, multiple types of pumpkins, 2 class IV gas giants and a ringed 3.95 G landable (A 3) for speedbowling fans. Lit up by two B-class stars, it is the collection of minor interesting things that makes this system so special, giving it the name Jewelery Box.
This is also a green system, meaning it contains all materials needed for FSD injections.

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Part of the DW2 Mapping Mission
NameIcarus Cradle
Game Map Search RefChraitaea QP-F b34-0
DescritionSystem with a close pair of binary M class stars and a landable Metal rich world orbiting around them (AB1). AB1 is only 9ls from the binary and has multiple Iron Magma Geo sites. Offers great photo opportunities of the tight Binary system. System also has Terraformable Waterworld, as a bonus

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Hello... this is my first submission to the GMP. I am not sure if it qualifies as a suitable POI but under the guidelines posted I think it may:

Name:The Five Brothers
Game map search ref:Cyoagaea XT-G B15-3
Description:A system totally comprised of Class 1 Gas Giants and their moons.
Screenshot reference:

Name:Quint Metal Homes
Game map search ref:Blae Flyi IK-D d13-5
Description:A system of eight planets with five terraformable High Metal Content Worlds, the first four of which are in a common orbit around the star. Planet 6 is a Water World.
Screenshot reference:
Can't insert pic - don't know why.
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That's a good question. A quick look at the current data shows these numbers of planets:

ABCDEF: 3068

That last one might not be possible, since it would require 9 "primary" stars in the system.
Are you looking for those specific strings or number of letters (or would you catch BCDEFGH in the same bucket as ABCDEFG)?
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