Guide / Tutorial How to fill all of your Raw Materials bins using Crystalline Shards.

... the OP that has done nothing but repeat a post that has already been done a few times before and not once mentioned either the original posters or the discoverers.....
Yea, it's ok to read only the title, but if you do make the effort to read at least the first 2 paragraphs of the OP you will find the link to ED Wiki where there is the entire article about Crystaline shards, including the full list of systems and the CMDRs that reported them
I seem to recall they regenerate every week or two.

This means if you go to site #1 and farm it, it will remember where you were up to for the next week or two.
I assume if you are in open and share the instance with another CMDR, farming sites should remember where you were up to collectively.
This means if you go back there, even in solo, it'll only have the same amount left as when you were last there until it resets.

Probably why most people recommend going there in solo.

Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong)

It is an instance thing.
If you go in open somebody may have depleted the site before you get there if they share the same instance.
Best to visit in Solo. Even then you need to avoid any site you've already visted, for a few weeks, to allow them to regenerate.

How to fill your boots with Raw Mats using Crystalline Shards

Some of us have discovered a new form of materials gathering that can, with a little effort, be used to gather every material needed to compeletely fill all of your raw materials bins.
I have decided to share that knowlege here with you all.

The first thing you need is to know where to find all this lovely stuff. so here is a chart of all the publicly known locations.

Crystalline Shards on the edge of the Sanguineous Rim region and in the Formadine Rift
The first thing you need, apart from a decent jump range, is a SRV bay.
The materials you will be gathering are only the ones obtainable from the Shards.
Do not concern yourself with the Pecious Cobbles as they don't have anything of value to this project and will waste your time.
Here is my suggested circuit for gathering the required materials.
At each location use your surface scanner to reveal all the POIs
The biological POIs are the ones you are interested in as they are the ones that have the Crystalline shards.
It's worth scanning the shards and cobbles with your Composition Scanner when you are closer to landing, as you will gain new materials discoveries.
You will need to use your night vision as you will eventually need to land on POIs on the dark side.
Make a note of each POI that you have visited as you will clean them out and they take weeks to regenerate.
Don't worry there's plenty of them.
Don't do this in a wing as there will not be enough to go around.
Part a.
1. Travel to HIP 36601 C 1 a and collect Polonium
2. Travel to HIP 36601 C 1 d and collect Ruthenium
3. Travel to HIP 36601 C 3 b and collect Tellurium
4. Travel to HIP 36601 C 5 a and collect Technetium
When each bin is filled (It takes 150 units per material) return to your favourite Materials Broker (The nearest may be Hinz Hub @Ngobe) and trade them down to fill as many low grade bins as you can.

Rinse and repeat till all the Mats below are full then you need to fill the Selenium bin as this is the only high grade material for which a shard has so far not been discovered.
This item alone will take two trips as the exchange rate is 6:1
Part b.
Follow the last trip with:
5.Travel to Outotz LS-K D8-3 B 5 c and collect Antimony
6.Travel to Outotz LS-K D8-3 B 5 a and collect Yttrium
7. Go Home!
If you get into serious bother and find you need a station to repair/restock.
The nearest is Flaming Star Logistics Centre at Flaming Star Sector LX-T b3-0

You may find that you need an extra trip if you are particulary low on basic materials but I completed the project with 4 round trips combining parts a&b.
It's possible that combining Parts a & b for all trips might be more efficient.
I'll let you work that one out.

Fly Safe and be Dangerous Commanders

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If you find Selenium bodies with volcanism, you should be able to hit up volcanic sites for SOME amounts of Selenium? Not a HUGE gain, but should be doable many places. I wonder about differences between volcanism types, but have not done that homework.
I hate your formatting.
I'm sorry to hear that, but it's unlikely to change. I needed to ensure that it could be easilly read in all themes.


If you find Selenium bodies with volcanism, you should be able to hit up volcanic sites for SOME amounts of Selenium? Not a HUGE gain, but should be doable many places. I wonder about differences between volcanism types, but have not done that homework.
There are several sources of Selenium that aren't too far from the bubble from what I have recently been told. I may try to post a few in the OP when I have visited them myself.

Now that you can actually FIND volcanism in non-idiotic amounts of effort, it seems a lot nicer. I found a couple pre-scanner stuff. It was 95% luck and a LOT of flying around in a slightly random search pattern. It was undesirable.

They don't respawn, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing, because otherwise I'd feel obligated to just relog at the site until full... :p
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