How simulators can be done right in Planet coaster

I've been hearing a lot of talk about simulators and "screen rides" on the forum, I'm going to give a good shot at them.
The Motion Simulators I can see Frontier choosing to put into the game are:
Hydraulic Motion Simulator Pod (Star Tours, Iron Man Experience, Body Wars)
Robot arm Simulator [Already done as a tracked ride, but not as a standalone flat ride experience] (Sum of all thrills)
Flight Theater (Soarin', Voletarium, ETC)
Enhanced Flight Theater (Flight of Passage)
IMAX Hydraulic (Back to the Future, Simpsons)
Theater Hydraulic (Jimmy Neutron, Minion Mayhem, Hanna Barbera)
Theater Seat (Shrek 4D, Dreamworks Theater)

These simulators CAN Be place as Flat Rides, but they would need something more than what we have in horror heights. I personally hate that we have to do with the presets they give us, instead of having commands like "UP/DOWN 1/4-2" or "Move forward/Backward", in my opinion way better than having Tallest Tower and Horror Heights. Simulators should have the configuration of what we have for robot arms and EMVs, except designed like a sequencer. Ride Films will be supplied from User media and Presets. Overall, it would make a great addition to the game, and give us something to make our parks better.[yesnod][up]
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