Newcomer / Intro How do I let a friend try this out, without destroying my ships?

I have a friend that I want to let play on my pc. But I don't want to lose my ships and money as he makes mistakes and destroys my ship.

Is it possible to make another character for him to play, with just the basic ship? Is this impossible?
I didn't think the training would let you jump galaxies? Just wanted to let him explore after I showed him the basics... Not sure training is the thing.

Thanks for the reply.
Hmm.. that is probably the best solutions. I only have $4mil, but that's enough to do that.
Cheaper than buying another account, I think. :p The Sidewinder has enough space to fit a vehicle hangar, so you can take him to a land trip to an icy body. I've always thought those are the prettiest of all landable bodies.

And play solo.
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