Hi Everyone,

i think i mucked up. Is there a way to clean modules that aren't on ships? i have two huge engineered MCs that i took off my corvette that was hot. i went to put one on my FDL but it wont let me. also FYI the corvette is sold so im not able to re-equip onto the original ship. :cry:
Maybe? (I'm away atm). Have another look at the module in storage. There should be an option to clean it when you select it. Oh, and did I mention it will be expensive?
As in massively expensive in relation to your original bounty cost. For future reference, always clean your ship, even if you intend to just save some modules and sell the ship. It will cost you much less to go that route. Regards
The whole "hot modules" system is designed around punishing you for doing what you just did - committing crimes in a ship, then selling the ship while keeping the modules. So expect to pay millions of credits for the privilege of re-acquiring your weaponry.
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