Horror Heights ride limitations

I am normally not active on forums so this is the first thread that i write.
I had an idea that i hope many people will agree on, it's about the limitations in the horror heights ride. You see i was trying to replicate the tower of terror at Disneyland Paris (Because it's my favorite ride at the park :D) but i couldn't because of the restrictions like this one for example ⬇


While the Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris only has the large drop section. I shall explain how to ride exactly goes, The ride vehicle starts of by riding a bit to the back without turning around. Then it goes up to the first floor, where you stay for what i think is about 20 seconds, after that you go to the second floor where you stay for around a minute. Then you fall downwards and go up really fast and stop again for a sec at the top. And the rest is just a few ups and downs, after that the ride vehicle will go back to the station.

A few things i'd like to see added:
O That you can decide how long the ride vehicle stays still at a certain point.
O That you can change the height of the drop tower.
O And that you can change the layout of the station (I made a quick drawing of what that would look like in paint, please don't judge my art skills)

I hope Frontier can add this to the game, because i love tower of terror and i want to make it as accurate as possible.

Thanks for reading.
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