Hitbox Errors.

Hi I made a Fence 4 M long x 1 M high x .2 M wide. Uploaded it without a hitcheck_01 mesh, to test the auto hitcheck generation, basically it worked in the height , and that was it , the hitcheck on the length and width did not work at all, so i made my own, hitcheck_01 box to encompass the object , and it made no difference at all still failed in the same dimensions, IE: length and width. Im sure i was within the stated parameters in the user guide. This hitcheck_01 was a single basic rectangle.

I Made a few other objects as well and there hitchecks (auto generated and My own) are spot on. They both are more of a 3D Cube rather than a 3D rectangle

User Guide Reference. (I Take it this applys to hitcheck as well ) ?

For technical and engine performance reasons the object scale has limitations:

No exported .fbx can have a volume that exceeds 8 metres in any axis
All objects combined must be a minimum of 0.5 metres in any one axis and 0.01 metres in the other two
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The Hitbox/Clickbox's seem to act strangely, for example some of the early versions of my current project had the "clickable" part of the object outside the object itself. It took some tweaking in blender but eventually you can get the two to line up, I'm not sure what exactly causes it yet, but it is annoying to say the least.
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