Have not played since Beta.

Shouldn't need to use Steam.

If you still have an account with Frontier, your login credentials should still work.
They are not. I went ahead and made a new account with the same e-mail used to originally purchase. Nothing. Hmmm. 75 dollars down the drain? I hope not! I made a support ticket and attached my original purchase invoice.

My guess is that significant changes happened with their account structure since Beta. I never even played Live. Only beta.
Which beta? I started in the post-kickstarter beta with the Mercenary Edition pre-order. My account credentials have never changed and I even the layout of my order history page is the same and fully intact.

Anyway, support is usually pretty solid, so I suspect they'll have you up and running soon.
Oh gosh, I do not know. It looks like I bought it around July or August of 2014, so sometime around then.
Thank you so much for the help.
Good luck with the support ticket mate. I bought my copy in August '14 as well, the download still works, I think as soon as they get you back into your account everything will work out.
I would recommend not using Steam when you do get credentials sorted - peeps are having issues with Steam, but the fdev launcher seems to be working fine (one less thing to go wrong!).
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