Galaxy Map Mouseover Pop-Up Is Bad Usability And Need To Go

Sorry if this was already mentioned, but this "feature" drives me nuts.

I do understand the reason for this from the developer point of view and why it is still there historically, but as a user I do literally hate this feature every time I open the galaxy map.

It is currently very difficult or almost impossible to move a mouse over the galaxy map without triggering a hover pop-up. I see that it is could be difficult to click on a star, but then please(!) highlight the near star and show the popup on click and not select the near star on mouse over. I do not want the star to be selected in 99% of cases my mouse is over it.

It is also just really bad user experience when you are trying to move you mouse to click a button in the current Pop-Up and this button just disappears [where is it] because your mouse somehow traveled over a star that is 100ly away/behind from your current selection and triggered a new pop-up. I can not count how many times this happened to me in all those years. :rolleyes:

System Map suffers from the same problem btw. but there are significantly fewer objects to mouse over.

Than you and sorry for the rant. [blah]

Here, have some old school music:
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