I watched a lot of the coverage of FX17 and I was pleased, hyped, impressed and ready to get back into Elite and begin preparing for a much smoother game play experience but one thing stuck out like a sore thumb. Engineers.

Engineers right now are more or less to my personal preference, good. The RNG element makes most ships different in some minor way making combat interactions in my experience, a bit of a dice roll and I enjoy that. I know not everyone has had the same experience or enjoys RNG.

The Engineer changes proposed are, and I will be blunt here and again, this is my view. Not Good. Here's why I think this;

Currently you take a gamble, you can re gamble, etc. With the proposed change, you will always get an upgrade so...
you roll multiple times to get the BEST result regardless of any form of RNG, which takes this from a gamble, a roll of the dice to a mandatory time/resource gate to remain at a competitive level or on par with other pilots. This method has no interaction other than fetch resource, spend resource repeatedly. (Oh and Murder Innocent Tourists for Space Radiators rather than buying them at the parts store ;D )

How I would improve this?

Change Engineers entirely to have options;

-an option to gamble your resources for a roll.

-An option to exchange X amounts of resources to gamble for a salvaged module from a high end ship. (Takes out some of the Murder Element!)

-Missions to Salvage Parts from Crashed ships in increasingly dangerous scenarios for better rewards on your final upgrade. (Much more engaging than numbers go down to make numbers go up~)

-An option to exchange resources for a safe-bet Engineer Homebrew module at fixed values; this would be great for people who would just like to jump further or shoot faster and not necessarily be looking for an edge but to just get back out there with the most time efficient and cheapest option.

I'm not a game dev and I rarely speak up on forums as I always get slammed for my views, but I just couldn't not say anything this time. The game already has a lot of seeming arbitrary and large time, money and rep gates that more or less keep you from doing the other things you might be interested in, even tho yes, you can do most things in a cobra, most people feel compelled to go for that Anaconda or Cutter (Or Corvette I suppose)
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