Docking request denied

Been trying to dock at Bosch hangar in the flousop system for over an hour I'm in a medium pad ship krait mk 2 I have a mission to delivery radioactive armour it's worth over 3.000.000 credits but it keeps saying docking request denied I'm not wanted or carrying anything illegal I see other ships landing and taking off pads are empty but all I get is denied. I feel I'm going to fail this mission if I can't deliver on time.
Hi it's just this minute let me dock. Believe I tried solo open I even turned the xbox off and now it's let me dock I have been trying this since 8 am lol thanks anyway though
Outposts only have a single medium pad (as far as I am aware), so sometimes a NPC is docked there blocking it. Usually they're not there long but if there's other NPC ships around they might beat you to requesting docking permission.
They certainly did beat me lol for over an hour but even when I quited and loaded up in either solo or open it looked like for a little bit I was alone there and still it bloody denied me lol ah well at least in the end I managed thanks all though that answered my post much appriciated
Check that a npc isn’t rammed into the lights or structures around the pad, it blocks the pad. I haven’t checked the bug section but I noticed it a few times now thinking I was going mad. Depending on where it is you can gently nudge the ship and free it to fly off or incite a 50c fine for blocking the pad if it’s near the pad it’s self or log out and in if you can’t be donkey/horse hybrid to do that

edit: there is a bug report on the pc side about it , it will be investigating by blind bob in quality control.
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What Armholeeio said, the NPC ships are getting stuck on the structure on a way too frequent basis, I have had to move a few ships now to clear the pad out so that could land my MKII.
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