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Hello Frontier!

Now that the free update is about to be released I think it's time to talk about the non-free stuff because you are professionals and you deserve to earn the fair amout of money for your time and your work.
I'm not here to ask for baby dinos or benches or trash cans or whatever people are asking for, NO.
I know, I'm annoying, and you might think, "Oh no, this guy again, asking for a map editor or island editor, Jesus!" The truth is that I love JWE so much that I want people playing it for many years to come just like JPOG, I want it to be bigger, greater.

-- "...more teeth" - Claire Dearing.

Like all map editors it should start with nothing but an empty terrain - genius, huh? :D:D:D

We should be able to create, sandy beaches, mountais, valleys, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and so on!

Also be able to set the sea level and the rivers' water level. Would be awesome if we could have sea waves and river flows.

My point is to give people the freedom they need to create their own islands, there are very talented people out there and I can imagine them recreating the locations that we've seen in the Jurassic movies.

Speaking of the movies, two things should be added to the game in case a DLC like this became a reality.

1) a new vehicle, FERRY, controlled by AI; and

2) a new building, HARBOR

Then just like in the movie the Ferry brings people to the island.

One more thing and I will finish this, I promisse: The monorail arriving point and the huge Jurassic World gate position should be set by the player.

I do not care if it will cost as twice as the core game, if you bring this to reality I will gladly pay for it, so, please, consider it for a new paid DLC.

My English is rusty so, please, do not pay atention for any typos.

Best regards,

Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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