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Few problems though. Hybrids from the Ludia Inc. games are of their own property. Ankylodocus and Spinoraptor are presumed exceptions presumably because of the further support in merchandising in a "Toys come to life" toy line by Universal Pictures, meaning they already had a larger presence in their possession prior to their inclusion in this game, rather than confined inside stuff primary associated by another company. Frontier Developments are not associated with them and may have difficulty including them, especially since the way how the Secrets of Dr. Wu is made, I doubt they would expand it and the game's overall story and lore for more hybrids. In the Jurassic World saga, hybrids are introduced by very special means because they're meant to be very special from the regular dinosaurs, and just adding more in a simple "here's some more of that" DLCs or free updates would make those hybrids less special as opposed to the ones in-game already, introduced through fleshed out lore and story factors.
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Logically it makes sense and fits in canonically within the Jurassic World franchise to have an Indoraptor that can camouflage. The I. rex's DNA, which is compatible with Cuttlefish genes, formed the architecture of the Indoraptor. Surely within that architecture, there must be a gap to insert cuttlefish genes to the Indoraptor's genetic makeup like its ancestor?

Considering how it was designed to be a bio-weapon and not a park attraction and Fallen Kingdom has confirmed that the inclusion for cuttlefish genes to the genetic makeup was to give it the ability to camouflage , an Indoraptor with the ability to camouflage is the realisation of what Vic Hoskins ultimately planned for in his speech regarding the Indominus rex’s creation:

“Imagine. That one, a fraction of the size; deadly, intelligent, able to hide from the most advanced military technology. A living weapon unlike anything we've ever seen. You see? Millions of years of evolution, what did we learn? Nature is the gift that just keeps on giving.”
How do you know he's referring to camoflauge (which there's absolutely no evidence of anywhere) and not the fact that it can stay hidden from thermal weapons, like stated in the movies?
How do you know he's referring to camoflauge (which there's absolutely no evidence of anywhere) and not the fact that it can stay hidden from thermal weapons, like stated in the movies?
Why else would Dr. Wu give the Indominus rex the ability to camouflage?

Because it certainly wasn’t to give the hybrid an accelerated growth rate, as revealed on the holographic model in Fallen Kingdom, where it was revealed to be a side effect. The excuse that Dr. Wu made in his conversation with Simon Masrani was merely a veneer of legitimacy, hiding the more sinister reason as to why he included it in the hybrid's genetic makeup.

Speaking of the conversation, Simon Masrani asks the question, “What purpose could we have for a dinosaur that can camouflage?” Which is a very good point, why create an animal that visitors and park staff won’t be able to see? It’s a terrible idea for both parties involved and thus makes it entirely unsuitable as an attraction for Jurassic World.

But there is however a purpose that it can be used for, a bio-weapon in a combat situation. This was shown most prominently during Asset Containment’s mission to recapture the hybrid, the Indominus used its camouflage ability to devastating effect with it ambushing the unit when they were off guard and killed their commander.

The military would definitely see the use of an animal like the Indominus rex but at a fraction of the size, with the genes from cuttlefish and tree frogs mean the hybrid can camouflage in both the visual and infrared spectrums; thus able to hide from infrared and visual cameras, drones, troops etc.

Finally and most importantly, before the Asset Containment scene, Vic Hoskins said, “They’re gonna learn all kinds of things about their new asset now.” Shortly thereafter, Hoskins' premonition is fully realised as park staff both find out the hybrid's extreme intelligence and its ability to camouflage. Therefore the logical conclusion is that Vic Hoskins and Dr. Wu knew the majority of the hybrid's capabilities from its genetic makeup, and that they were all intentionally added as a test, a precursor to a project that would see InGen expand their genetic engineering technology within the Security sector, the Indoraptor.

Also what’s the point in creating a bio-weapon that can camouflage from technology in the infrared spectrum, but can be seen by the naked eye in the visible spectrum?
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