Did you wish devs will put Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop in Next Planet Coaster DLC or Update?

Okay guys, did you really wish Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop will come to PlanCo?

Yes? or No?

Images of Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop:

Videos of Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop:

Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop was started in 1977 with Black Widow at Six Flags New England, Zoomerang at Boardwalk and Baseball, and Demon at Kings Island.

Here's a notes on Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop: A shuttle roller coaster consisting of two elevated platforms separated by a single loop. The train is launched from the loading platform and drops down a hill and through the loop. After exiting the loop the train climbs the following hill to the opposite platform. Finally, the train repeats the route -- but backwards this time. Some versions launch the train with one 100hp DC electric motor per platform, while others utilize 150hp motors.

I hope devs will see this.
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This is a coaster I would love to see but there are a lot of other coasters I would rather have first. But yes I want this one... And the swarzkopf version too. With flywheel launch
Honestly I would like to see launch/shuttle mode added on all coasters. I think there are a lot of things they can tweak in regards to coasters that would greatly please a lot of us. (I’m taking about you Viper one with your minimum two laps).
I actually made one of these, it's on the workshop under Coastin.net. While it's not perfect, it's the closest I think we can get.
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