Decals / Logos

I have enjoyed watching the Educating Ed series. There were a number of groups he met with and he indicated there are many more as well.

Can you look into a way to add decals for various groups other than the standard ones already present, so that players who align with a specific faction can get that logo/decal to place on their in-game ship.

It may mean creating an in-game faction associated with the player groups that you have to reach a certain relationship level with before you can acquire the decal, or some other dynamic, but at the minimum look into adding logos of groups that have been highlighted by Frontier, either by livestream or other means.

Not only would this be an appreciated added feature by these groups, but you could get in game groups working harder to make a difference in the galaxy to earn the privilege of their logo being promoted into the game.

It would be another nice enhancement, though I would imagine more difficult to support across instances and servers to allow players to upload an image similar to the design your own merchandise process, that after going through a moderator approval can be purchased with frontier credits to add to your available decals. It would truly increase the personalization of ships for the players.
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