could we have sandbox options in scenario editor

the title could we have the no vomit, no litter ect options in scenario editor please, also would it be possible to add the option for double traits with guests? family guests with thrill seeker all seem to have really bad nausea ratings would be nice to give guests thrill seeker and iron stomach, not sure if this is a bug or not but almost all family nausea bars drop really fast on the 5+ nausea rides even if they have nausea tolerance that high,

problem is to add thrill seeker you need to be in scenario editor which in turn doesn't allow you to disable vomiting

also with no vomiting turned on would it be possible to make guests not ride things if the nausea bar is low to compensate the no vomiting thing so you still need first aid building.

vomiting is always overdone in these games, in real life i think i can only remember 3 times someone has thrown up at a park
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