Constructive criticism on the Black Wildebeest

After seeing the Black Wildebeest today in the demo footage, I have to say it looks really good but there are a few ways in which it could be improved.
  • Anatomically, it seems all of the Black Wildebeest shown so far have been based off of what males of the species look like when females actually look quite different as you can see here at 0:13. To make the females look like females they'd need smaller, thinner horns, a thinner skull and shorter chest hair.
  • The tail is a bit too thick and hangs outwards rather than downwards like this.
  • The Wildebeest seems really small compared to the Zebra when in reality they're only about 10 inches shorter for males and 12 inches shorter for females. This size difference also seems too extreme when looking at the Wildebeest calf and Zebra foal when they're in the same frame together. (Unless it's the Zebra that's too big?)
  • The legs alone are a bit too short on the adults. lengthening them might also help a bit with the height.
  • The Black Wildebeest calf has a black tail which is a characteristic of the Blue Wildebeest when it should be blond like this.
I hope this constructive criticism can be taken on board because it is SO close to being completely perfect!
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