Community Event / Creation Canonn announces: Operation Cabin Fever

Interesting - do you know if it was like that before (I don't remember it being mapped).

4A still shows as unmapped right now :)

Two ways I was thinking, but haven't tried:
1) Get the Gnosis to send you to prison, not sure if you keep your find if you don't actually die, but hand yourself in
2) Multicrew. Again, not sure if someone could multicrew in and claim the mapping

Edit: I have a pic showing the star was not discovered when we arrived, so I guess it is someone on the expedition
My guess would be multicrew, but your first answer is just as plausible.
Was there a neutron star in the last system that the Gnosis was in? Maybe they padded down with a boost and then used jumponium?
Just tried to plot an escape route to check out the Interstellar Initiatives as we head over towards IRAS, but even allowing for jumponium my plotter fails, looks like I'm stuck here still - Cabin Fever in full effect :eek: :)
When I got to Flyooe Dryeia JJ-G d11-0 befor the jump to Hip 4099 the plotter failed me as well and I was in a 65ly jump ship
I had to search the map manually and find a star couple of hundreds ly away and plot a route there, then use manual plotting with jumponium for the last 2-3 jumps

I quickly checked the space by zooming around Prooe Dryeia XP-X d1-0 and found a string of stars, not sure if they can lead to an escape route, but it may be worth to try fiddling around and try jumponium and manual plotting
I think the regular Gnosis Boyz & Girlz should all get a badge at the end of this tour that says ”I hitched a ride with the Gnosis and all I got was this lousy Sticker
A sticker would mean this trip had some purpose, so ruin the whole experience.

Putting an irremovable bounty on the people who somehow keep getting first scan on these unaccessible planets would be nice though.
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