Community Event / Creation Canonn announces: Operation Cabin Fever

After the stunning success of Operation Conegate in 3304, Canonn is proud to announce:

Operation Cabin Fever

The Gnosis will be setting off heading ‘below’ the bubble as far as we can get. The Gnosis should be easily accessible until April 18th, but from that point on you will probably be stuck in a single system for each week - maybe with just a star to look at. And we will carry on doing this for the next three months. Hence: Operation Cabin Fever!

The big prize for coming along is access to two systems that don’t seem to have been visited - ever. So we could be the first to see HIP 4099, 265 Ly from the nearest known system, and then IRAS 21565-3937, aka IC 5148, aka the Spare-tyre Nebula - only 3000 Ly from Sol, but never visited - until now.

Once there the question becomes - can you be the one to get that sweet premium exploration data out of there? Will you be the one to get your name on the system? And if you do get your name on the system - will anyone ever know, since no-one else can visit those systems!

Terms & Conditions
  • The Pilot’s Federation[1] have not signed off on this trip! We’re approved for the April jumps, but there is no guarantee that they will allow jumps from that point on.
  • Canonn take no responsibility for you, your ship or your gin rations.
  • Or your biscuits. We recommend hiring guards for biscuits while on The Gnosis.
  • There will be little to do - send an unloved alt, and prepare to be very, very bored - then very excited - then very bored again.
  • If we find anything more fun to do with The Gnosis we may decide not to go. Because we are fickle (and did we mention that the trip will be boring?)
  • The Gnosis has outfitting, so you can call up any modules you need, as long as you already stored them. We’re close to the bubble so it should be reasonably fast.
  • But The Gnosis has no shipyard, so choose your ship wisely.
  • Full Press Release available
The Gnosis jumps every Thursday with the restart at 07:00 game-time. Be onboard before the jump to fly with her. You can join the expedition at any time, if you can work out a route.

MonthDayJumps to System
March28thVela Dark Region FL-Y d63
April4thSynuefe VN-W b46-0
11thSynuefe FE-S b46-0
18thFlyooe Dryeia LH-L c24-0
25thFlyooe Dryeia JJ-G d11-0
May2ndHIP 4099
9thProoe Dryeia XP-X d1-0
16thProoe Dryeia SF-N d7-0
23rdProoe Dryeia RQ-C d13-0
30thScreagi FP-Z d0
June6thIRAS 21565-3937
13thScreagi BJ-B d0 <-------- GNOSIS IS HERE!
20thNidgiae QJ-F d12-1
27thSwoilz II-K d8-0
July4thSwoilz GX-T d3-2
11thSwoilz UL-A c2-7

Green systems should be reachable with a 60 Ly jump range. Yellow systems may be accessible with a long jump range ship - they appear to have been visited, but route plotting to and from these systems is not easy. Red systems appear never to have been visited so it should be assumed they are inaccessible without a handy Megaship.

“insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein (attrib.)
“let’s try and jump The Gnosis into an otherwise inaccessible system! In fact this year we have extra gin, let’s do it twice!” - Canonn

[1] Frontier, we're talking about Frontier
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Clearly you're not being serious...Everyone knows that only one guard is required for biscuits.

...hiring guards for biscuits...
That's too bad that this expedition intersects in time with DW2, however I still will try to catch up in some of those yellow may systems.
Even if the last 'event' wasn' so good, I would love to take part on this one.

Unfortunately, I'm out on DW2.

Good luck, Cmdrs o7

P.S. I haven't got an alt. Cmdr. I bought a second game (boxed version of ED) in the past, but I'm not willing to remove the foil wrapped around it 🥴 to create a second Cmdr
Jump to Flyooe Dryeia LH-L c24-0 is less than 24 hours away! Proceed to Synuefe FE-S b46-0 if you want to jump with The Gnosis (though Flyooe Dryeia LH-L c24-0 is also pretty accessible, so no rush). Will start to get more remote after that...
My main CMDR is approaching Beagle Point with DW2. However, my glamorous assistant (Harmony Angel, yes I am that old) has just arrived in her Courier.
If anyone is on board The Gnosis could you let me know if you can log in? I get:

which I think is just on that CMDR...

(Ah, Gnosis expeditions :) )
Hi all,

Can someone provide a little context for this event, please. Is this a FD run event? What is The Gnosis? It sounds like a player-run mega ship, but I thought those weren't in game yet.

Cheers and thanks!
Hi all,

Can someone provide a little context for this event, please. Is this a FD run event? What is The Gnosis? It sounds like a player-run mega ship, but I thought those weren't in game yet.

Cheers and thanks!
The Gnosis is a player run megaship - controlled by Canonn. I think the idea was that fdev would learn about how this could work for Fleet Carriers, but then they got delays, so it's the only one. This is not an fdev event, we just tell them where we want to go, and often they let us, though sometimes ... sometimes there is a conegate ;)

Hopefully everything else is in the first post :)
I'm thinking to get a hauler there for the jump to hip 4099, but after its being refitted with the two additional size one slots
Brought out my main with his DBX and all docked.. will scout around the local area a bit till next week, then I'll be semi active while my baby alt tests the new noobie zones (free modules ftw!). This announcement was good timing - now I can chill at the edge of the galaxy with the Gnosis.
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