Cannot Update Launcher On Steam

Hey FD, it's starting to get really annoying to see that "update required window" after each update... Please fix that crap...

Edit/P.S.: btw Rex' solution worked again for me, the 3rd time...
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do you all have steam set to auto update games? I logged in this morning and steam had already updated the game for me and I was ready to play. I've never encountered a problem with the game updating through steam myself.
Ditch Steam. Never understood why it should be needed as another layer on top of the Frontier launcher. Just launch and update directly from Frontier. Steam is utterly superfluous except for games where it is an exclusive requirement (eg. Skyrim).
The launcher today had an 'upgrade' option when launched from ED Profiler, but clicking it seems to have just frozen the launcher, although I see CPU and disk usage. Hmm.

Edit - after several minutes it seemed to actually download and update something, as did steam when I launched it for something else.
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