Camera 'T' Mode UI Tweek

This is a change only for 'T' mode, which is most useful for working inside buildings and tight spaces.

While in 'T' mode have the 'W' and 'S' keys travel forwards and backwards on the current plane and use the scroll wheel to change the elevation of the camera and camera target.

Currently WS and the scroll wheel are the same thing, travel closer or further to the camera target, and to change elevation you have to tilt straight up or straight down and travel with the scroll wheel or WS.

Possible problems would be people with no scroll wheel not being able to change elevation. ( If there isn't already an alternate control for user with no scroll wheel )

I think this would be a major quality of life improvement for people working on dark rides / in caves, etc. I assume it would be very low level of effort, but as all things programming, that's just an assumption.
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