Welcome ! Pirates, Griffins, Gunkers and criminals of all sorts, I would like to announce the start of a new mission, which is called the Valkyries, the goal of this mission is to finish all Disand World's vessels and torpedo this venture. I Admiral Łowca set off together with two volunteers for this crazy and dangerous mission to carry fear, death and devastation in the hearts of all explorers, currently we fly 1x Corvett (Command Ship) and 2x Krait (reconnaissance vessels), we left yesterday and we encourage you to take part in this Hardcore mission. We do this for you for all Elite Dangerous pilots playing PVP, we want through this mission to bring Frontier's attention to PVP gameplay, so we invite you all !!! We're flying for glory! We are flying for the victory and the eternal memory of our achievements in the game Elite Dangerous !!!


Not my business, I'm just watching out of curiosity.
IMHO he should not reveal himself to the very last moment :)
So Neodore has already been banned, he was in a Krait, now waiting for the other 2 to show up. 1 Krait mk.2 and Corvette left eh? Thanks for sharing the information, will watch out for them.
Apperantly they do. Even funnier was the guy playing victim in voice comms, saying he is from brazil while actually being from poland, then later changing his name and avatar to the same picture our dear OP has... Quite interesting to look at if you ask me.
Do you want war for this banning people ??? , info went, we'll see how you can deal with it. However, it's true that you cooperate with FD, otherwise you would not have such opportunities.Propagand rats lend Frontier and what you have free Hotas. ???
We don't want any war that is why the PG is PvE only, maybe you didn't get that.
And I don't coorperate with FDev o_O where have you gotten that?
Free Hotas sounds nice though, maybe I should get in touch with them...
"Computer, locate DISTAND WORLDS expedition."

"Error: No expedition found with that name."

"Oh, well, um, never mind then. I mean, ARRRRR!".

Thus ended the Gunker Insurrection.
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