Brief feedback on the two new DLC islands.

The Isla Tacano missions and general story was a lot more enjoyable for me than the Isla Muerta ones. The Isla Muerta map felt kind of like a bootleg campaign island while the Isla Tacano map felt much more like a fleshed out scenario island which reminded me of some of the old JPOG or Zoo Tycoon scenario missions.
All in all, more Tacano type maps less Muerta type maps please
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i do have to say that i was worried the maps would be too small to use at all for normal parks after the missions were finished. I was right on the TACANO map but ended up thinking the Muerta map was really easy to work with due to its simple and open shape. i would choose it over some of the other maps to replay. I ended up staying on that island for a lot longer then i thought and filling it up before moving on to the Tacano map.
Those are gorgeous islands. I would spend my life savings on them if they are real.

The one on Tacano looks and feel a little bit like the Sanctuary Island on JWFK….

I will share my park built on Muerta East. The beach view is so nice!!
I was hoping for a bigger map than nublar but sadly it wasnt and frontier seems to ignore my question if we ever get bigger maps or it its simply not possible due to consoles weak hardware
I'm fine with scenario maps being smaller, that's fine. But the problem is that there's no map big enough to build a proper park.
I didn’t mean the actual map I mean the island as a whole as it is played in the DLC. Like I stated “missions and general story”
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