General Gameplay Bigger brush for Nature Tools

Currently the Brush in our Nature tools seems a little small even in its large setting, it usually takes a while to use the brush to clear away the trees and then use water and then get rid of the water on the surface of the map to form a perfect flat surface to place your buildings on with no problems, however this takes a while for this entire process so my suggestion or idea I think some people already brought this up but not many people really Brought it up as much lately perhaps they could make the Brush a bit bigger than it is now so it won't take so long to adjust the surface. If we're going to get new terrain tools this summer we might as well need a new extra large brush to use those tools. Some you might think of this as a unnecessary adjustment to add but it saves a lot of time especially in challenge mode.

Extra Small- something to satisfy the small brush peeps
Extra Large-the Fourth Bar needed
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