Beyond Payable DLC suggestions

Just some crazy, and perhaps not so crazy, ideas for what I would pay for in regard to the Beyond payable DLC.

Handcrafted Story arcs
Using the follow on mission system blaze your own trail in the Empire/Federation navy or as an independent Explorer (Q4?)/Pirate/Trader by completing a series of handcrafted missions to unlock cosmetic rewards such as holo-me medals, outfits & decals. Have these achievements recorded in the Codex (when available).

NPC Pilot Holo-me creator

Assign saved Holo-me profiles to your NPC pilots & see them in action in the fighter control room on your ships.

Custom Outfitting Hangers

When you achieve Elite you can pick a home system & the Pilots Federation will install a themed hanger in it especially for you. You can select from designs such as Alliance/Empire/Federation/Pirate/Trader etc. What you are Elite in could also dictate the designs available; eg if your are Elite in Exploration then that hanger becomes available & could feature a holographic orrery, for instance.

Non-bobblehead bobbleheads & normal bobbleheads

A unique selection of fixed & normal bobbleheads to express your loyalty to a superpower or your chosen career as a explorer/pirate/trader etc

Dynamic cockpit lighting
Install lights that dynamically change depending upon the circumstances; eg weapons deployed, silent running. Yes, it's a red alert bulb! :)

COVAS packs
New COVAS options themed around the superpowers and/or careers with perhaps a wider number of event triggers. For example, if you are promoted in the Federation & have the Federation COVAS pack installed it would inform you & perhaps play the Federation anthem. Similar for promotion up the ranks if you have the trader COVAS installed for trade; when the promotion message arrived in the inbox it could deliver a congratulations message.

SRV 'ship kits'
A selection of themed body kits for the Scarab along the lines of what I've previously suggested, Alliance/Empire/Explore/Pirate/Trader

1F Paintball Gun
Become the most hated commander in the sector by spraying your victims in hideous luminous paint, forcing them to clean their ship in advanced outfitting to remove the muck; fine-able offense.

Just some thoughts. I've tried to just pick stuff I think could be cool but realistically done (even if it required staged releases with some ideas, like hangers).

CMDR Justinian Octavius
Of all the suggestions you've listed, "1F Paintball Gun" is the one that brought a smile to my face. A fineable (but not bounty-earning) offense? PERFECT!
+1 vote for paintball guns!
And powerplay faction leader bobbleheads would be great :)
Your other ideas are great too
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