Best ship for fighting

The alliance fighters are pretty good or you could go FDL or Mamba. The Vulture has problems with an under powered PP which means engineering, same goes with the Viper MK3.
I think it's all relative. If the OP is taking on his next ship after a Cobra MKIII then I don't think PP is going to be an issue for a while. Then engineering the PP to the mid grades is not onerous. OP may already be well versed with engineering and find this easy.

As mentioned I like the Vulture because you can take it on and have great fun with it as a base model using B & D rated modules but the ship can grow with you to become a finely honed tool. I used mine as a front line ship all the way 'til I made Dangerous rank and despite reaching Elite and gaining many more kills beyond that I still fly the Vulture and find it a real blast.


Dammit dude, the goal isn't to actually name the best ship in the game. Way to go and ruin this guy's experience. Now he'll fly the Python, realize it can do literally everything great in the game and never try anything else. Sheesh. Next you'll tell him void opals are the best way to earn credits.
I know right, I've literally used the Python for everything other than exploration and it just excels at everything you do with it. The only ship (in my mind anyway) that challenges the Python for the 'best overall ship in the game' category is the Krait Mk II. Still not sure which is better, I own both so I don't have to choose.


Dropship. Dollar for dollar one of the best ships in the game, imo.
Which would you choose for your next combat ship upgrade if your only two choices were the Vulture or the Dropship?

I have zero experience with these, never bought or flown either but kind of always wanted to.
I prefer the Dropship (over the Vulture), but that firmly places me in the minority.
Yep, I still take out my Vulture even after obtaining many other technically more capable vessels. It's just really fun.

I'd say fun is the real metric here; how much you enjoy the vessel you're using. As great as the Python is at all the things, I do not enjoy flying it in the least, and especially for combat.
I went from a Vulture to a Krait. I feel the Krait is a lot less maneuverable. Maneuverability is the key to combat.

That's why I'm out here trying to get dirty drives to make my Krait more maneuverable.
One element of combat .... having a cluster of potent weapons from which you can choose is another
Which would you choose for your next combat ship upgrade if your only two choices were the Vulture or the Dropship?

I have zero experience with these, never bought or flown either but kind of always wanted to.
They are radically different ships, but I'd take the dropship because:
  • I'm a Federal goon and love the aesthetics of Core Dynamics ships (it might not surprise you I played Caldari ships in EVE Online...)
  • You can do so much with a Dropship if you fit it smartly. The jump range sucks, but the hardpoints and armor make it a beast.
  • All rail or PA build. Just do it. You can thank me later. No it isn't efficient, that's not the point.
Generally speaking, all of the Federal mediums are fabulous in my opinion and really differentiate from each other much better than the alliance mediums.
meanwhile, Imperial Navy is scowling at their lineup of medium ships
I really enjoy flying the DbS for a fun fight. It may not the best, but its four weapons are nice and close around the nose of the ship, and it handles like a dream.
I discovered recently that I quite enjoy fighting CZs in a DBX myself. Great view (amazing in VR), punchy closely spaced hardpoints (better DPS than a Vulture in fact, and spread across three weapons meaning an additional special engineering effect), decent jump range even when fit for combat. The maneuverability and speed and internals are all fine, neither great nor terrible.
I went with Viper, Vulture and FAS. Later after a trading career trying out the Alliance ships, Krait Mk II and Mamba. All are pretty nice. The Anaconda, Corvette and Cutter are fine for what they are designed for. Still for me the most fun pure combat ship would be an engineered Fer de Lance. With the right load outs it can easily go PvE or PvP. But...Player experience is EVERYTHING in ED.

"ED is a sandbox with tools to be used,
Going too fast and one gets confused.

The more ships a player will outfit and try,
The better they understand the next one they fly.

The more weapons designed and often are tried,
The better results without a rebuy.

The more missions worked and decide they don't like,
The more skills they learned for those that fit right.

The more the risks one takes to excel,
Upon making Elite they will do very well !"

I was in an iambic pentameter mood. Anyone want to do the music score? :)
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I sold my Cobra mk3 when I was scraping money for ASP-X. You won't get much money for it but you will be a great ship short. I'm still sorry for doing it and will buy another at some point.


The Best Fighter Ship is by far the Eagle because reasons.

You can't kill what you can't hit!

(Problem is, it goes both ways in an Eagle for most commanders...they can't hit you, but you can't hit them!)
A Class 3/4 turreted beam laser would argue with that.


Python or Anaconda. With engineered FSD, Thrusters, Powerplant.
Jump far, turn on a dime, power up all your weaps and modules.
Load it with beams, frags and seeker missiles.

FDLs and Mambas would come a close second.
What I think is apparant here and is certainly my own experience is that there is a very big difference between all the combat ships. While there are very obviously the popular ships personal preference may well take you in an unexpected direction.

All that being said work towards a Federal Gunship
Vulture is a lot of fun for me. There are more capable ships, but "better" is kind of subjective.



Oh, if you're wanting speed, I hear the iCourier is quite capable as well.
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If you could afford a cobra III, you could afford pretty much any small ship...except maybe the iCourier. 'Spensive little javelin, that one. Don't be afraid to stick with the Cobra for awhile though; even though it lost its speed crown to the Eagles it's still a versatile ship that you can kit out in a lot of ways while remaining very agile. It's not the best at anything, but it's good enough at anything that it's never a bad ship...

...assuming you develop your flight skills enough.
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