Backstage / Parking DLC

I know ideas have been floated out there before about this, but here are my 2cents :)

I love making parking lots and backstage areas to make my parks a little more realistic. I was thinking that a "Backstage" DLC would be neat and could change up the gameplay a bit.

For example, Mechanics will need to pull parts from the backstage areas to fix the rides. The closer a backstage area is to the ride that needs fixing, the faster the ride is fixed. If there is no backstage areas, or maybe not a specifically assigned backstage storage for a ride, then parts would need to be "ordered" and the ride would be closed for much longer.

The second part would be parking/road system. These do not need to be animated in the sense the guests are, but X amount of spaces would allow X amount of guests in the park. If you want to get fancy, you could just have a car appear in a spot and then disappear. Trams/monorails could take guests from parking lots to park entrance.

There would be options for lots, garages, mass transit (adios cave of magic) and even possibly employee parking. If an employee has a spot then their happiness/satisfaction might be 25% greater. (I have a lot of friends that are Disneyland cast members and this is a complaint I hear)

Basic roads could be based on the pathing system (I usually use wider paths to make roads) with some modifications.
This would probably be one of the best DLC's to have made. A lot of staff & back area signage and so on. However I'm not sure if I see this happening, as I believe the Studio's DLC did involve quite a bit of this type of stuff.
Road system sounds pretty interesting! Maybe have a car rental service so guests can travel faster across the map.
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