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As it is, people already flee when they get down to 1 ring of shields. And it would just be a further nerf of drag munitions, which prior to this patch didn't need any kind of nerf since it was already hard countered by permaboost.

They would be better off keeping drag as it was, and nerfing permaboost. Permaboost needed nerfing for a lot of reasons beyond obviating drag munitions.
"Permaboost" isn't a real issue like you think it is. Grape made one popular video about it that has been this community's equivalent of a study saying vaccines cause autism. Its misinformed, overly popular, and has hurt the overall discourse. If you don't want to take my word for it go look at some examples of great flying and watch the ENG capacitor, Yamato posted in this thread and his youtube would be a good place to start.
Eh, that'll just shift things even further in favour of shieldtanks over hulltanks/hybrids, as if they weren't already skewed in that direction with the 100% module protection that shields offer.

I'd probably be okay with drags interrupting boost briefly or making boosting while under their influence less effective if they didn't also come with the 0-pip debuff.
Hmm, fair point.
It's not the missiles that are the biggest concern - it's that single pellet from a Fragmentation Cannon or Pacifier you've got no real counter for.
we really don't know that yet, although it may very well be the case. then making the duration of the effects proportional to the area of impact would be an obvious solution. it already does so with the damage applied, right? (i don't know, i just assume). it is also likely that devs took this into account already, what should poor will know, he's just the messager :)
I feel almost like the Episode in Beavis and Butt-head, where their TV breaks down. The first 30 seconds they are sort of fine, but then Beavis starts acting really weird, saying strange noises, becoming even paler, drooling and shaking uncontrollably.
We call this weird behaviour real life.
Pilots' Federation District
  • The Pilots' Federation District is a collection of systems designed to offer a regulated area for new Commanders
  • (...)
  • (...)
    • This also means current, experienced players cannot enter any of these systems
You just sold a lot of new copies of Elite:Dangerous to griefers on Steam - they'll have a LOT of fun now (although I think most of them will just shoot each other, not realizing they are not shooting at an actual new player).
And the Crime&Punishment-System will do nothing against this (other then to be a nuisance to regular players who just made a MISTAKE that got them a fine; but we all know you are much more in love with this system then with your player-base...).

New Modules
  • Advanced Docking Computer - The Advanced Docking Computer provides cutting edge guidance control to the ship’s computer, offering a further launch option alongside the assisted docking function.
  • Supercruise Assist - The Supercruise Assist module allows the ship’s computer to regulate the approach towards a set location within the current system and to disengage the drive at the appropriate time . This module can also be used to enter orbit around a planetary body.
    • (...)
  • Added a new 'Flight Assistance' section to the Ship tab on the right hand panel. Here players can toggle various options on or off (if fitted with the correct modules):
    • (...)
    • Hyperspace Dethrottle (requires the Supercruise assist module. If switched on, throttle will automatically set to zero on entry to a new system)
Ok, two things:

Docking-Computers in general I would assumeto be - in the context of the game - a Software-Update to the Ships on-board computer, rather then to be a "physical" item on board of your ship.
My idea for this would have been like this:
After X amounts of manual starts and landings the Pilots Federation would have offered you a Software-update to the on-board computers of all your ships (new ships you'd buy from that point on would come with this update as well). Supporting both landing and docking.
(Since you ship can land on planets without any new landing computer, it is safe to assume the computer is able to land on a Station as well, just needs a minor update.)

About the Hyperspace Dethrottle (requires the Supercruise assist module):
I am R E A L L Y disappointed about this.
This feature should be standard by default, and not only just yet, but from the beginning.
Yes, this is Elite:Dangerous and not Plebeian:Harmless, but come one!
This should be a simple Software-update to every on-board computer out there.
Not having this is like building a staircase without railing!
Exploration has it's own dangers to offer, and crashing into a star quickly looses it's WOW-effect.
Make it something unlockable as well, like after 1,000 Jumps you get this.... . -_-

In short, the entire supercruise assist module should have been some sort of Software-Update, that you need to unlock by... what ever... fly to Hutton Orbital.
You could have unlocked this while picking up your free Anaconda there. ;)

Appart from that, would all of these features been Software-Updates to one's on-board computers,
this would have added some sort of progression to the players path through the game.
And one should have been able to switch of every specific function (part of what you already did), since I guess many veteran pilots would not have liked some, if not all of the new features.
(Since I started to fly mostly FA/off (thanks to CMDR. Isinona for inspiration, btw.), I actually started enjoying manual docking again. But thats just me.)


Pilot's Handbook
  • (...)
Training Simulation Access
  • Training simulations are now accessible from within any ship cockpit, from anywhere
    • (...)
I really liked the tutorial-, sorry, training-missions.
I was really hoping you to build up on them, not just put them aside and stuff them into ships computer somewhere.
So instead of pretending that those missions were a good start to an actual personal narrative for the player, they are now clearly just a training.
Which raises the question of why they are narrated by a voice-actor, the way they are.
You know, the part where she says "I am looking for a bussiness-partner"... that would have been a GREAT opportunity to add some more personal narrative for the player, some more missions withing the game to serve as a training (instead of ONLY having written information, which is ok, but not as the ONLY source of information - learing by reading is good, learning by doing is better!).

That being written, I know we can not all be heros in a galaxy as vast as this one, but then again we do not NEED to.
Just give us a path in form of some mission to follow at our own peace (if at all).
And along those missions the game could teach us everything, show us all those little beautiful sites and locations added to the game over the past 4 years (startin from Thargoid-Crash-sites to Guardian ruins, and what not).

If you've done it the right way around, you could have let us do missions of this kind in order to rank up in the Navy of the Fed's and Empire - not just by doing random missions, but ACTUALL handcrafted mission, involving the already existing content.
This way eliminating two problems at once:
  • switch boring and grinding Navy-ranking with exiting Navy ranking
  • show us all the places in the game (that no one will visit who doe not follow some youtuber or actively looks up interesting content - mind you, this all has to be done OUTSIDE of the game; Galnet News do not count since news disappear over time - and the codex doesn't count either, since it doe not present the content of the game in a MEANINGFULL way).
Remeber: we still owe that Lady who saved our a... donkey from freezing to death in that ice-ring a beer! ;)

Commodity Market Interface
  • Separated 'Buy' and 'Sell' screens, to make it clearer to the player what data they are looking at
  • (...)
Where is the Buy All / Sell All-Button we have been asking for ages?
(Same goes for loading / unloading cargo for mission, as well as buying/selling Limpets, and similar actions.)

Do you even read what you PAYING customers in your own forum complain about?
Do you even play your own game?
More then one hour per week?
Do you fire every playtester who criticizes this game?

I've played a space-strategy game, name VGA-Planets years ago,and it solved this issue the following way:
Have loand/unload-buttons for 1 Ton, 10 tons, and 100 tons in one go, next to each other; looking a bit like this:
(Left hand was unloading, right hand was loading, middle was the current amount)
[<1] [<10] [<100] = [ 142 Tons ] = [1>] [10>] [100>]
I thing that would work much better, but what do I know, playing Elite for more then 4 years now... ? :p

@ Will Flanagan:
Just to clarify: when I quote you and say "you", I am addressing the Elite:Dangerous Development-Team at Frontier Developments PLC (more specifically the decision-makers there), not you in person.

On that note:
Sorry for sounding so negative,
but if you encounter issues and problems on a daily basis,
problems that actually ANNOY! you,
then those problems should be fixed first,
before adding new content.

I do not know about other players, but for me it is simple:
If you offer me to have a problem fixed - especially a problem that annoys me, that I can not circumvent, and have to deal with on a daily basis (like said cargo-transfer-issues)
adding exiting new content....
I will go with the former.

Go back and listen to some stuff Yamiks said in his videos.
I know a lot of players do not like him, but he had made some excellent points over the years (YEARS!), and I still agree with most of them.
Altough I might have been a bit more... diplomatic in my tone. ;)

There are many things that annoy me in the game and nobody with the power to change them gives a !@#$ what I think. It is the most realistic simulation I have ever played because of this inbuilt feature - complete indifference to my personal suffering. Absolutely brilliant. Makes VR seem like a ViewMaster.
You just sold a lot of new copies of Elite:Dangerous to griefers on Steam - they'll have a LOT of fun now (although I think most of them will just shoot each other, not realizing they are not shooting at an actual new player).
LOL should be amusing.
"Stop shooting! I'm a ganker, not a gankee!!"
You just sold a lot of new copies of Elite:Dangerous to griefers on Steam -
that's a few more copies sold. lovely. where's the problem?

oh, you mean we are doomed because a few thousand players will suddenly realize that this is not a well balanced multiplayer game?

dude, why didn't that happen in the last 5 years, with several screwups that completely overshadow this (potential, wait & see) one, and many of them even still in place?
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