Dinosaurs Allosaurus Attacking and Bleeding Certain Sauropods

The general idea is to have allosaurus, my second most favorite dinosaur in the world, attack and inflict a health draining effect on specific sauropods. Now, many theropods in-game are huge; bigger and more heavily built than allosaurus itself (t.rex, spinosaurus, giganotosaurus, etc.). However, because allosaurus was almost certain to have hunted sauropods in real life, the fact that only one individual should live by itself by default, and that it is a hard endgame dinosaur to unlock on Isla Sorna, this can be an opportunity for both species behavior and care variety, where one allosaurus can attack and injure certain species of sauropods.

To balance out this idea, especially since this would most definitely affect saves for those who mix allosaurus with any sauropod in-game, I see it like this:

Firstly, sauropods in-game come in three basic forms, based on their sizes and feeding styles, despite using the same animation and behavior rig.
1. Tall large sauropods (Brachiosaurus, Dreadnoughtus, Mamenchisaurus)
2. Tall small sauropods (Camarasaurus)
3. Long sauropods (Diplodocus, Ankylodocus, Apatosaurus)

Due to the sizes and overall body shapes of the tall large sauropods, I believe those dinosaurs should remain invincible to the allosaurus. However, because the camarasaurus and the long sauropods are small enough in terms of their sizes and body builds, they could have the potential to encounter this new predatory behavior.

1. The Indominus rex is the only dinosaur that currently can hunt and kill sauropods of any kind, but when it does, it instantly kills them, making it too extremely dangerous to keep among any herbivores, regardless if you provide carnivore feeders to it. In my idea, while the allosaurus would still attack sauropods in general, making it turn as the second dinosaur to do so, it won't instantly kill them and you can easily manage that hunting behavior by making it prefer available feeders.
2. Because the Ankylodocus is described to have no natural predators in the species profile video of the official game's YouTube channel, it would be best that the allosaurus can not attack it what so ever, despite being a long sauropod itself.

(This idea takes similar factors used in my majungasaurus cannibalism idea.)

Spinosaurids in-game will prefer a fish feeder over a meat feeder, while they will still go after and eat other herbivores they can take down and even goats by random AI decision making, but more so often if there are too many at once. Inspired by that feeder preference and live food disadvantage system for them, it would be the same for the allosaurus, only vice versa. It will have certain preferences for live food while still going for meat feeders at any random decision.

Allosaurus will prefer to hunt sauropods it can attack (camarasaurus, apatosaurus, and diplodocus) if there are no other herbivores or goats around. Obviously one may not want to keep any other smaller herbivores in an allosaurus and sauropod mix exhibit for sure, otherwise the allo is going to come after them. But, bu utilizing a goat dispenser in your allo and sauropod mix exhibit, that preference will switch over from sauropods to goats.
However, the disadvantage is this: Goats are considered to be dinosaurs to a degree in technical game terms, which means if you have both goats and other non-sauropod herbivorous dinosaurs together in an allosaurus exhibit, the allos will go for both of them. Don't think that using goats as a preference in an allo and sauropod mix exhibit will be the same with all the rest of the in-game herbivores! (So no allo and stego mix exhibit for you in campaign/challenge mode for you.)

The way how I see allosaurus attacking a vulnerable sauropod is by a similar manner as the Troodon from the Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC. The allo would run up from either behind or beside it and then lunging out at the sauropod, taking a bite from it, then stepping back, roaring at it afterwards. The Sauropod would then go in to "Panicking" mode and run away for a period of time. When the allosaurus attacks a sauropod, it would inflict a dangerous lethal statistic to the sauropod's health:

Like the troodon's poison ability, the bleeding ability will slowly drain the vulnerable sauropod's health, but unlike the troodon's poison where it disappears eventually over a long period of time, the bleeding effect will not disappear until either the dinosaur dies or is healed by a ranger team. The bleeding would also have a cosmetic effect where blood drops form from beneath the wounded dinosaur and pool down underneath it before eventually disappearing.

So, if this comes to be and if you don't have goat dispensers in your saves with allo and sauropod mix exhibits, you are probably gonna want to lay out those in your exhibits to protect your giant herbivores.
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