COMPLETED CG Allied Initiative for Witch Head Expansion (Trade)

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That illustrates one of the attitudes that has been emblematic for me in this CG. Lots of people joined the effort because they felt the Alliance was wronged and contributed however they were able to.

I could haul about 50,000t in my shieldless Cutter and almost touched the top 10 at one point, but couldn't sustain the effort. Ended up in the top 10%. But overall, it was quite a ride for me. Not particularly for the gameplay itself, but for taking part of the community effort for the Alliance. It felt good to be able to help out. A few weeks ago I knew nearly nothing about the Alliance. Now I've helped out build part of its infrastructure. In the process I've been catching little glimpses of its culture, here and there. Now I'm ready to move forward with the Alliance.

It's been fun, folks! Thanks for all the help.

See you in the black!

The Alliance is the heart beat of ED for me. Cleaning up the mess left behind by the Empire and Fed squabbles. Mocked and nicknamed "The Cakers" and later adopting the name as a term of endearment and a lasting 'F' you once we reclaimed Alioth.
My Chieftain is named "Hermit Returned" which is a homeage anagram of Meredith (Argent) and (Mic) Turner.
Theres so much lore including our presence in the old world, and its brilliant piecing it all together. Sometimes I think I enjoy Elite out of game more than in game 😂
Enjoy the research cmdr o7
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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