Newcomer / Intro Advanced Discovery Scanner question

Greeting All,
I keep hearing about "Advanced Discovery Scanner" and that it is better than the standard DSS (makes sense), but I can't seem to find one in Outfitting or on INARA to upgrade to. Where do I go or is this something an Engineer has to do.

Thanks for any help!

War Kitten
It is no longer available. It was a system replaced by the FSS. You can no longer buy it and anyone who had it, lost it. Sorry.
The previous trio of discovery scanners required a module slot to work you also had to fly to each planet to obtain the data the FSS now provides this data being provided by the Detailed Surface Scanner before it morphed into the mapping tool it is now. The discovery scanners are now built into the ship and at the time of changeover they all vanished and their owners money was returned, DSS changed into mapping torpedo launchers.
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