A toggle for relative mouse

This has most likely been requested quite a bit, but having an option to toggle relative mouse on when flight-assist is turned off would be great.

As using relative mouse is great for flight-assist off.
But using relative mouse in supercruise or with flight-assist on is a huge pain to use.

With a toggle we won't have to be forced to use third party tools to emulate for both relative and absolute mouse movement just to fly comfortably between both modes.
Instead of being forced to pick either flight-assist on or flight-assist off and having to deal with the issues that come with them using relative or absolute.

Plus i'm getting kind of tired going to the control options just to switch this each time i want to be able to aim, without having to mash the reset mouse button a million times in flight-assist off just so I don't overshoot on a shot that would otherwise be super easy using relative mouse.[blah]
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Yeah, I use relative mouse + FAoff. Having to toggle it doesn't hinder me in combat whatsoever. However it is an inconvenience.

If Frontier want to nerf relative mouse + FAoff as some purists may demand, this isn't the right way of doing it. This just makes it slightly annoying to do, but everyone does it before the fight, so the combat effectiveness is the same.

Edit: Should have highlighted that I'm talking about the current way, which involves needed to go to the controls menu whenever you use FAoff. A toggle would be far less annoying.
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