A Rant on Post patch instability.

This is getting beyond the point of now.

Wanted ships putting fat bounties on my head, NPC's that are so retarded you can trick them into suicide, a ist of BUGS so damn long it would fill a cathedral, terrible multiplayer connection and utterly inane content.

The saving grace of this Beyond series has been the ships, but that is not enough to outweigh the obvious steaming pile of dung.

Do something about it.

You know FOR SURE there are issues when even the most devoted players literally cannot handle the trash anymore. Lets face it here, that seems to be the case with many.

We all love the flight model and the potential of the game, but it's hardly even playable at this point.
Seriously hardly even playable.
The only thing i can say I could do without experiencing some stupid ancient bug is sit in the station, and even then, i'll probably see two ships vying for the same pad.

I honestly cound'nt care about new content if the old bit remains so unashamedly tattered.

ESPECIALLY with the stuff i keep experiencing in the HAZ res. That is just trolling your players.

How the hell do you even mess up you game code in such a way that all the bugs continuously reinvent themselves and remanifest unless they are being programmed INTENTIONALLY. Seriously I really am debating if thats the case at this point.

It was pointed out to me that the gold rushes are probably intentional to make the game look good and popular every update in the eyes of the shareholders. SCREW the shareholders. Why not start listening to the community that literally GAVE you the ability to even do this game. Without them, bless them, it wouldnt have gotten this far

It's just almost a joke to see so much input and feedback go largely ignored consistently.

My patience is waning. I know im not the only one.

I want to stay, I really do, but if things don't start to get fixed, I am just gonna delete my save and walk. As will many others no doubt.

4 years FDev. 4 years. And we still have stupid problems from the earliest stages of the game.

We all want to stick by the company and the game. But if you don't start showing effort in the areas people continuosly point out to you, then you are going to loose said players, be it sooner, or later.

Rant over. o7
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Your not alone, though I don't have bounty issues yet, I am suffering the after effects of nerfing. The devs seem all to quick to jump on nerfs but not so quick to jump on bug fixes, which has now been proven, with the last nerf in the Pleiades sys, malthus terminal. to stop the nerf they have shut the station service down with simple "oh the station has tech issues" even though its in boom state its pathetic. I'm still getting secondary mission offers but cant access the mission board all because of the nerf gold rush what ever you call it going on out there.

This proves my point clearly that Boom jump on a nerf but bugs can wait. This is a poor development system. I wonder if they realize they are killing the game slowly each time they do nothing.!! Roll on NMS Next.
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