A message to new customers of Frontier Developments

Just a little heads-up to the people not used to a Frontier game: Frontier's modern games have the business model of "games as a service".

This means that The Jurrasic World: Evolutions we have to play today is the first iteration. The game will continue evolving with new content and mechanics, both as free updates and as paid-DLC. I would also expect small dino packs or new dino colors to come as micro-transaction style DLC. If you like the game and want them to continue development you can buy the DLCs to help Frontier pay their devs to continue improving on the game long into the future. As it sits right now, they are working to repair aspects of the game that are broken at launch, anything from minor bugs to stoppers that are preventing some from playing the game. After this, I expect that they will continue work on the features that weren't ready at launch that they have either discussed or shown off in the past.

I have had no major bugs, the game loads quickly, and I am enjoying what is available. I also have a very capable while not overkill gaming PC which is likely to be similar to systems that Frontier would have used to validate the game before shipping it out. I have unlocked the 4th island but still working on the 3rd to unlock all the goodies. So far the only bugs I have seen is the Jeeps acting dumb and smashing into the gates before they open and the UI bug when starting the 3rd island that is fixed by going back to a previous island and then going back to the 3rd island again.

I hope that everyone else can enjoy the game now as I can. If you are unable to get into the game, submit bug reports and wait for the game to be patched or, if you think that launching a game in the state that it is in is unacceptable, get a refund and maybe try again later. I can't wait to see screenshots and videos that the rest of you guys out in the community make for us to enjoy.

PC specs for clarification of previous point: i7-4790k @4.2gHz, 32GB RAM, GTX 970, and the game is installed on 7200RPM HDD.
This is a licenced game, so the future really depends on what deal they made and what Universal is willing to allow. It could be that Universal sees this game as more of a part of their movie marketing than a game in its own right. This has always been the problem with movie licenced games and Frontier have been around long enough to know this, so let's hope they have made a good deal.
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