A Few Suggestions

1. Staff buildings-
Make it possible so that we can lock out certain staff types from staff buildings. For example, I have a staff building designed for security. However, other staff types are using it while my security staff uses other staff buildings not designed for them. (Ones that don't have the security perk.

I know about rosters, but this is just a pain to do. I want them walking freely through my park and not just where the roster tells them to go.

2. Pathing-
Give us 'No entry' signs for pathing like they had in the Rollercoaster Tycoon series. This will help greatly with pathing clutter of guests and make walk ways easier to manage. Example: I created a new exit for a transportation ride that connect to 2 paths. Guests are now entering my park, using the wrong path causing it to be congested because it's just a small path. It also makes it easier to close down certain part of the parks and not allow guest entry when making changes to that part of the park.

3.Realistic Guests-
The current design for how long guests stay in the park in unrealistic. I figured when guests would run out of money they would choose to leave on their own. However, they choose to walk around the park and complain about how expensive everything is because they have $0.45 left. These guests also will not use ATM's to replenish their money. My problem with this is that I'm running a park with high entry fee's and free rides. (Works quite will after you get a constant flow of guests leaving/coming to the park.) I have many ATM's placed around my park and these guests continue to walk around my park until they become miserable then leave and get a refund... (Don't even get me started on the challenge refund)
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