suggestions to devs

  1. The Lion

    General Gameplay Rework of Ranger Teams

    Greetings everyone. I hope to be putting forward a decent idea. My idea, the rework of ranger teams (the details of which follow later into this post) stems from the first Jurassic World movie. So let me get into this. What are my proposed changes and suggestions in a TL;DR fashion: Add...
  2. N

    Shock cannons?

    Could we get these things improved? Apparently they were originally supposed to be plasma weapons, so they'd be worth the mats if they were. As it stands, shock cannons are useless on their own, and no one uses them. A possible fix could be making these a plasma weapon, with absolute damage...
  3. C

    Drone Limpet Vehicles.

    I dont know if it has been mentioned before but a limpet drone you can drive would make so much sense in this came. Here is the idea my friend and i came up with. Hey ED! Also it moves cargo (slower rate) when doing missions at a smaller Starport. Small size Abrasion blaster only 10-20 cargo...
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