1. I

    Suggestions for Squadrons

    Hello Frontier, First let me tell you how happy I am with your product. The below suggestions come from a place of love, and I hope they are seen as constructive criticism and not complaining. With that said, I will make this brief. 1. Please include a broader range of winnable trophies for the...
  2. DGBaley

    Obtaining Fleet Carriers

    From initial impressions, it appears as though the Fleet Carriers are going to be massive vessels with facilities to rival some small orbital outposts. Obviously the construction and outfitting of such a large structure is going to require substantial amounts of raw materials as well as...
  3. hackingpro

    Class 3 & 4 Railguns + Change suggestion

    C3 & C4 rails have already been talked about, so I won't go into much detail. Basically, increase the stats and make the charge duration longer. I don't need to tell you how awesome they would be. I also have a suggestion for a change to how rails work: reduce the heat output by 50% and add...
  4. CMDRTarkaDal

    Ship Launched Fighters - Suggestions

    Hello Frontier This long period of minor updates seems a good opportunity to tie up loose ends. I love the ship launched fighters. Everything about them, the sounds, the immersion, the system itself. Your developers went to a great deal to make SLFs an absolute joy and I commend them for that...
  5. Tariousx

    QOL Suggestions for Ship Purchases ETC

    I just have some ideas that would smooth some things with Ship purchases and Module Purchases. Note These suggestions also preserve the reward and effort in unlocking Elite Status -Ship and Module Catalog- If you are at a station where a ship is not available, you have the option to order one...
  6. S

    Carnivore Hunting Update

    I think carnivores should have a separate meter for hunting. Currently, carnivores seem to hunt whenever their hunger meter drops a small amount. Ignoring any nearby corpses other pack mates have recently slain, carnivores will choose to repeat the same animation and kill another herbivore...
  7. John Guevara

    visual improvement for DSS

    The FSS already show regions with spots. Would be great if I saw the same mechanics in DSS to immediately identify geological and biological sites, each type of sites could have a certain color. thanks!

    Over Shoulder Restraints on Infinite coaster and Vertical Lift Hill

    Before I start, please look at this thread here: because that has most of what I want to talk about. But I also just wanted to add that the Infinite Coaster Car should also have a over shoulder restraint...
  9. CMDR Alyssa Evanline

    The Speciality Ships need some love

    Okay. So something thats been bothering me for a while is the transport ships and the liners. For their size and class, I badly want them to be the best at what they do. I get that they are cheap, but I feel they should excell. So I had an idea that Ive been discussing in other circles. First...
  10. L

    Hyperspace Jump within system?

    To shorten MEANINGLESS, UNENGAGING and BORING travel time. Interdiction mechanism can still be possible by Reducing the accuracy of the in-system jump, that is to jump to a certain distance (in ls) from destination, base on the frame shrift drive rating Setting a minimum jump range also...
  11. Jessiy

    Realistic animal behavior suggestions:

    Carnivores Scare Guests: Since carnivores wont be able to kill the guests of the park, maybe implementing something like this will give it more of a real feel. Lets say there is a pride of lions, kept behind a mesh wire fence (not very safe at all) and the fence is right next to the path, so...
  12. D

    The problem of Interdiction by hackers and how it can be helped

    I am using a Python as a transport ship to grind up a some credits by performing transport missions. I really haven't had a problem with gankers until recently when it came out that ED has a hacking problem. I've been interdicted twice now and destroyed as soon as my game loads into the instance...
  13. Dusk118

    Supercruise Assist "Activate/Deactivate" Keybind

    As it stands right now, the Supercruise Assist module is a gift from the gods, but more often than not, I've been finding myself needing a keybind for instant activation and deactivation rather than using the Nav Panel to switch it on/off. If this could be implemented either as its own keybind...
  14. Icedude

    Adjustable speed track pieces for Track Rides

    I could have sworn there was already a thread about this but I can't find it in search for the life of me. It's been a little bit of a problem before, but the Macchina Classica made it a very obvious problem that's only been further highlighted again by the Ghostbusters pack that we have no...
  15. yLordMagnus

    Galaxy Map Advanced Mode

    I suggest adding an Advanced mode to the galaxy map where it would help explorers my suggestions on what it should be able to do: Be able to make a route with checkpoints [you would select a list of systems that you want to visit and it would make a route between all of them] Be able to filter...
  16. vinnieboJ

    Fdev, you should watch this!

    Sorry if this is the wrong place but; This is how spacelegs should look like: Watch Especially the whole boot up sequence. i'd love to see that in game!!! How the HUD turns on and all, and the welcome by your COVAS. Anybody else interested in how (some of) their ships might look on the...
  17. John Guevara

    show distance to codex-entry

    hi i love ED, i'm explorer and currently stay near "Beagle Point" after the best of my life "Distants World 2" travel. I'm trying to reach my personal goal of visiting all the codex entries in the "The Abyss" region. My workflow looks like this: i open each entry one by one, click on the galaxy...
  18. John Guevara

    long time exposure option for free camera

    i wish i could set a long time exposure and take a picture at a edge of our milky way to see other galaxies in the deep dark zones, like Hubble was doing:
  19. N

    New small ship class?

    I'd love some new smaller smalls. Based off existing SLFs or Maybe new designs based on the current SLF designs. Possible features of these new ships could be- - Jump/supercruise ability (lore explanation could be new guardian tech) - New weapon sizes/types (small plasma repeater, anyone...
  20. Godsailsaqueen

    If anything, guardian Initiative illustrates how useful a cargo srv would be

    Tons of guardian stuff lying on the ground. 2 tons at a time. For quite a meager payout. Frontier ! there is already salvaging gameplay which would be in dire need of an 8 ton (at least), bigger, slower, less jumpy srv. It would be in the benefit of everyone, and the two would serve a different...
  21. L

    Please let us get involved with Galnet stories

    I've been reading the story about Commander Bjorn Lennox's stolen DBX and it's a shame we can't really get involved with the stories. It would have been fun if we could have headed to Fort Dixon and get info about the ship loadout and then figure out how far the DBX could have gone (hopefully it...
  22. F

    Suggested Ships and Changes for Elite Dangerous

    I am a fairly new player, but I’ve played enough to understand how this game works and really enjoy it. As with any game, there are things that I think should be changed or added, but this is one of the only games that I feel my ideas for aren’t trivial. I compiled a list of my concepts, and...
  23. Zaxoosh

    Forum app

    I'm not 100% sure this is related to elite dangerous however it contains it lol. Any of you ever wanted an forum app? Don't you think it would be much more convenient? Leave a like and share this post too see if this can get to the Devs!
  24. Daniel Klimchuk

    Improve on the Squadron feature

    Hello Commanders! So I have got a few suggestions regarding the squadrons in Elite. What we have now is fairly basic, but getting a more in depth experience with squadrons would be great: 1. First of all, adding an in-game reward system, so I could pay/reward my squadron's members for...
  25. K

    Several Suggestions on ED's Performance from a 1700hrs player

    1. We need a toggle key for "Relative Mouse" in control settings, and a key for "switch to/between profile". This would be great for players using both Keyboard+Mouse and HOTAS. 2. Ship throttle maintains after Supercruise Assist deactivation. As what we have in the game, supercruise assist is...
  26. John Guevara

    more lower floors in stations

    if i click to Outfitting, my Ship goes down to lower floor, but why the station has only one lower floor, why not many? I want to see other ships downstairs as my ship is transferred to my hanger. there could be a mechanic, so that ships upside down are automatically transferred to the lower...
  27. D

    Adding Parade Show in Planet Coaster ?

    Hi everyone ! I apologies about my bad English in a first case ( I'm French after all and hope you will understand me ^^) Well what I'd love to see in Planet Coaster it's some parade Show, like you know at Disneyland Paris, there is Always a parade who go through the parc with a lot of awesome...
  28. J

    TMTK - Any future development plans?

    Back in the mid 2000s when i was in the early days of modding RCT3 a couple of guys over on atari forums decompiled the ovl files and built an importer. It was clunky and there was alot of unknown 'check this box but we arent sure why' etc but it worked and it worked very well. Then came custom...
  29. John Guevara

    more information in codex/pilots handbook

    i would like to see/read more information (Lore and real physic) about all the objects in game. i know, many information i can find in wikipedia (about real astrophysics), but i dont like to switch windows between game and browser, and some information stay already in system-map like stats about...
  30. feli.

    Minor Inclusions to In-Game customisation

    Obviously I have to ask that there is eventually the inclusion of being able to change the colour of the cockpit UI/HUD within ships (on consoles, or having a native, in-game adjuster in settings or at least as purchasable skins on the store) and I hope thats a pretty minor thing to do because...
  31. C

    Visitor Hashtag-Newsfeed

    Had an Idea for a pretty cool feature you could add in: A Visitor-Newsfeed, Instagram like, where the Player can scroll through a Social-Media Feed of Posts with the Hashtag of his Park. Imagine your Park was named Dreamland, you would "follow" the #dreamland, and you could see Pictures the...
  32. U

    Backup Power Supply Module?

    SO I am way out in the black on the DW2 expedition and I have no idea why I did not think to post this sooner. The AFMU can repair every other module besides itself and the Power plant. The logic being that the module has to be powered off for this to work. Makes sense, so my question is why is...
  33. N

    A list of issues & suggestions from over 100 hours of gameplay (various categories).

    Hello, I have played over 116 hours of JW:E and have accrued a number of ideas. Some are improvements that may already be underway as part of the natural course of tweaking new features until they are in an ideal state, whilst others are whole new features. I shall phrase them such that an issue...
  34. Bradleymee

    Add more features in the guest area. Will Pay.

    Dear Developers, Here are the features I wish to see in the game and I will gladly pay for these features if money is needed to take the time to implement them. I'll sort the amount of features the developers could choose to implement by Medals. I am only asking that the developers choose one...
  35. Xera_Perri

    Gameplay & Immersion: Changes / Improvements

    (Over the course of my playing, i’ve documented areas in which the game could be greatly improved upon without needing massive or game changing overhauls to existing systems in place. These are 13 different changes or implementations that could be made to drastically set Elite: Dangerous apart...
  36. CoyoteXStarrk

    Is the SLF fighter just REALLY bad early on or am I doing something wrong?

    I am grinding assassination missions in Rhea for Rep at the moment and I decided to try out the SLF on my Conda. So i went out and did what all the guides suggested and grabbed a harmless pilot to level up and so far I am having trouble telling whether or not she is actually doing anything at...
  37. T


    Bonjour, voilà quelques heures que j'ai joué à JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION mais il manque beaucoup de fonctionnalités. Gérer les prix du parc - Impossibilité de voir la statistique d'un visiteur - L'absence de nettoyage du parc. En effet, vous n'aurez aucune poubelle, balayeur ni de petit coin...
  38. S

    Distillery to make alcohol and other crafting systems for profit

    I think making a system where you can brew alcohol in your ship and sell it to stations with demand for it would be a fun feature. Or better yet a whole crafting system that encompasses all sorts of craftable commodities you can then sell for profit. Stuff like harvesting gas clouds to make...
  39. S

    Small cargo hold for fighters.

    I equipped a large ship with a hold for the assemblers and a special installation for launching them. 2 slots: ( And now, after the battle, I sit and watch how the brokers collect materials: ( Now, if a fighter could have a cargo hatch, at least for materials, then the pilot can be sent to...
  40. S

    Please make an average empire warship.

    I understand that it is believed that the empire in the game is the most peace-loving race, even the Cutter is not exactly a warship. But it can still be possible to make a mid-sized empire warship to be comparable to: FDL, FAS, Alliance Chieftain, Krait Mk II, Mamba and etc Thank.
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