1. D

    Revising the Python

    The Python was once used as a patrol cruiser, so now that ship launch fighters are in the game shouldn't the Python be able to carry a fighter as well? As one of the larger of the medium class ships and given its history it would make sense. Please consider this request. Thank you.
  2. V

    CB channels vs. pilot to pilot comms requests

    Greetings Commanders, To start a bit off topic, I've always associated trucker traffic, smuggling, evading law enforcement with movies like Smokey and The Bandit or Big Trouble in Little China to name two. With that said, I think that there can be an huge immersive component added by adding a...
  3. n13L5

    Is there a docking request shortcut yet, or is it still 1-e-e-s-spacebar-s-spacebar-q-q-1

    I must admit, typing out "1-e-e-s-spacebar-s-spacebar-q-q-1" every single time is bugging the crap out of me... I could go ranting and raving about it, but then, maybe there were some QoL changes I'm unaware of, since 1.4..?
  4. K

    Emergency FSD Jump, and a potential to fix combat logging

    I would be lying if my feature request didn't come from other sci-fi games/movies/books/tvshows. So the Frameshift Drive works like a warp engine from star trek, it allows us to create a Alcubierre bubble around the ship and relatively reach FTL speeds. This is Emergency Jump, it quickly...
  5. L

    Request: Companion app for the game?

    Any chances of a companion app being developed for the game, for use with tablets and smartphones?
  6. RolloTreadway

    Slight improvement to mission boards?

    Just now running down a list of missions from a lot of different factions, the thought occurred to me: would it be possible to be able to search for/sort/filter missions by destination, rather than faction? I'm sure I'm not the only player who regularly looks to see if there are any jobs for a...
  7. R

    Community Event / Creation EEEEK! New Player : HELP ME!

    EEEEK! New Player: HELP ME! I am TOTALLY out of my depth! Please "Throw Me A Bone" and recommend best sites for Beginners Tips, and Offer Any other relevant advice I will need! NOTHING is too simple or obvious to offer up! Please assume total idiocy, ignorance and NOOBness on my part...
  8. E

    WANTED Elite:Premonition Audibook

    That simple, Drew said via Facebook that FD wanted to see interest is the Audiobook before committing to making it, I for one have purchased all the audiobooks in the store and paperback versions of the ones that do not have via Amazon because I live in Chile and FD doesn't ship physical...
  9. General Zach

    Project Obsidian alpha

    N/A Looking upon the results of the situation of a suggestion literally just that became something else, thus requesting immediate close of the thread for comments to be shut down as well as the thread. Though for those to continue to view this and intend to comment will be left in the void...
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