1. S

    In-Development Project A.L.I.C.E

    PROJECT A.L.I.C.E Artificial Limited Interface and Command Extension (A free community driven Voice Attack / Voice Macro extension) You can join the Project Here: Project A.L.I.C.E Discord I'll get directly to the point. I love playing Elite Dangerous as much (if not more than) other...
  2. Greytest

    Community Event / Creation Elite YuleTube Christmas Project

    Dear Commanders, i am super excited to finally announce Elite YuleTube! Update: The Project is underway! Here is the link to the YouTube Playlist containing all videos:
  3. Cowski

    Match speed & more...

    To preface this thread, I did look for the answers to the following questions. I apologize if they have been asked/answered already so here it goes. 1. Will our beta characters reset or be deleted when the game is released? 2 I already purchased my Standard Beta downloadable copy. Will...
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