1. redrum

    Size of DLC packs - Vintage Shrinkage!

    As I've done with all previous main packs, I added the contents to my scenery explorer park, everything laid out on the ground for easy viewing. That's when I noticed how thin the Vintage DLC is compared with other packs. Number of scenery and building items per pack: Spooky: 345 Adventure...
  2. T

    Demand/Production/Stock price dilemma, and Smuggling issues - Save the Merchants!

    Hey pilots. I was thinking for a while about how galactic economy works. I was first playing E: D with (don't laugh) Spice and Wolf in mind – a story about two smart people using their wit to turn in some tasty profit. So I did cargo runs, and deliveries, and smuggling, tried piracy (heh) and...
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