1. GN_Abbude

    TYPE-10 DEFENDER, a ship with the potential to act differently in combat.

    greetings commanders, I come here to suggest a simple modification in the super heavy class combat ship Type 10, I will try to contextualize the situation using google translator due to my different language. First of all, my favorite activity in the game is to assist my squadron with building...
  2. XB_Joyrider144

    How to eliminate holo-screen activation stutter

    Hello. In control options remove the option that enables the auto screen look lock ( hold X + press <- / -> ). Just use the free headlook function ( RC ) whilst having no other method assigned. Doing this eliminated the issue for me, at least I think that is what solved it. Just wanted to...
  3. P

    2080TI - getting 30fps inside station in VR

    Yes - just received my 2080TI and was looking forward to seeing Elite Dangerous in all it's VR Ultra glory. My other specs are AMD Ryzen 1700x 3.4mhz which I have not overclocked because I have always been scared to, 16Gb RAM (Corsair Vengeance 2400) Windows 10 on an SSD etc. I am bitterly...
  4. Ashnak

    CPU performance hit in 3.2?

    Hi all, not sure whether this should even go in DD, pretty sure it's not a bug report (but may be wrong here) and couldn't think of a real suitable subforum, so here we go. I think I saw a similar rthread regarding 3.2 some days ago, but didn't see this problem on my end at that time. My...
  5. S

    Kinda wish we had that option to go faster in super cruse

    at the risk of module degradation or hull damage Like this lol
  6. E

    Direct X 12 support

    Hi everyone, very excited for this game however as I am going to get it on PC i was wondering about whether direct x 12 will be supported. I know none of their previous games support this and just wanted someone's imput on whether it may be coming.
  7. F

    Best Graphics settings guide?

    Just curious... is there a really detailed guide out in the ether that goes through exactly what each graphics setting does, what performance impact it has, and specifically what spec will benefit that setting (ie it uses more VRAM, or gpu, or ram, or cpu). I’m specifically thinking for VR...
  8. F

    Performance impact of Ram & CPU upgrades

    Hey all, Just upgraded to a vive pro from OG vive. Fantastic improvement IMO. My system's struggling a bit to power it, even with a 1080ti, and I'm wondering if it's because I've switched to a different machine with slightly different specs than my old one. Was running the same card on an i5...
  9. dmulligan

    Does installation type affect performance in VR?

    There are 3 ways to install and therefore run Elite Dangerous; standalone, Stream, and Oculus Home. Do any of these perform any differently than the others or are these all actually the same executable?
  10. buzzx

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709) Improved Performance?

    I don't want to jinx it but if my eyes aren't deceiving me I would say that ED VR is running smoother after upgrading to Windows 10 version 1709! Less stutter in VR. Is anyone else seeing this?
  11. B

    saving and network load time improvements

    Hi Frontier Development, While I know nothing of how Elite Dangerous' code is actually implemented with respect to many of the following, I'm hoping these suggestions are, at least, somewhat relevant to the existing implementations Improving When the game Saves: so, based on purely observation...
  12. Orbitalai

    Some way to erase info in my brain about this game?

    Some way to erase info in my brain about this game? The wait is already unbearable a couple of days after I read that its being made. Wish I had discovered it a week before release..
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