1. T

    Overhaul the path building and piece-by-piece system, please!

    I love Planet Zoo so far, graphics look great and there seem to be lots of details in the animals. However, one of my biggest fears is very likely to come true; keeping the path and piece-by-piece system of Planet Coaster. I already didn't like it when I couldn't place walls directly at paths...
  2. Prody07

    Paths and square holes.

    Sorry if these suggestion have been asked about before. I have two suggestions. It would be great to have a way of removing paths quickly, for example, using the multi-select tool to delete paths within an area. Creating square or rectangular holes in the terrain, making it easier to have...
  3. W

    Atm Path

    I’m not sure if this would effect the ATM machines people already have in their parks but it would be nice if they changed the ATM to have the same sized path as the vending machines/small attractions. And while on the subject of paths I wish they would include the same path textures on all the...
  4. S

    Path Improvements?

    Since I see a bunch of threads being answered I figured maybe we could get an answer on this topic as well? Are there any plans to fix the incredibly frustrating path systems? I'm talking about things like: Not being able to attach paths to each other easily everywhere you want Paths...
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