1. A

    could we have sandbox options in scenario editor

    the title could we have the no vomit, no litter ect options in scenario editor please, also would it be possible to add the option for double traits with guests? family guests with thrill seeker all seem to have really bad nausea ratings would be nice to give guests thrill seeker and iron...
  2. M

    Transportation Missions

    I'm one of those that enjoys passenger missions and long haul missions. What I find frustrating is the lack of long haul transportation missions. It's always sightseeing missions way out somewhere, and then we have to make the long haul back. Why aren't there people hiring ships to deliver them...
  3. T

    Annoying COVAS

    Please give us the option to turn off things like "Scan detected" being spouted by the on board computer a thousand times. And please remove the damn warnings lol, they are too large and obscure one's field of veiw when reliant on fixed weaponry, cheers guys :)
  4. Snowy Fox

    Unique Default COVAS for Different Ship Manufacturers

    In the stream this evening, a rather nice surprise addition was revealed in the form of customisable "COVAS," as it was referred to, or the voice of a ship's computer. In addition to the familiar "Verity," a new voice, "Victor," was introduced. Judging by what was said by Ed Lewis and Sandro...
  5. Marcusfalden

    NPC Crew Members for hire Please

    Greetings fellow cmdrs, my question to Frontier Development is will we ever be able to hire NPC Crew members for our ship? I think I'm not the only commander that would like to see his ships bridge or cockpit filled with a human body instead of an empty chair. The current multi-crew is...
  6. Z

    Release Detailed search of systems

    This is a repost, since probably the other one was in the incorrect part of the forum. Hi commanders! I am aware of the third party tools developed to interact with Elite's data. The most complete that I know of is EDDB. Actually, this data base gives for free .csv and .json files containing...
  7. J


    I watched a lot of the coverage of FX17 and I was pleased, hyped, impressed and ready to get back into Elite and begin preparing for a much smoother game play experience but one thing stuck out like a sore thumb. Engineers. Engineers right now are more or less to my personal preference, good...
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