1. Serenity03

    Please add bookmarked systems and locations to it own tab in the Nav Panel

    Can a tab be added to the Nav panel that would display and allow us to lock onto our bookmarked destinations? The galaxy map is so cumbersome and glitchy. The less I have to access it, the better. Having access to our bookmarked locations in the Nav panel would make a Cmdr's task easier and more...
  2. GURU-951

    Crashed Beacons and Wrecked SRV's. Signs of a lost Colony?

    Today I went into an unknown system and decided to check the surface of the first 2 planets. I found two crashed Nav beacons and one wrecked SRV with its cargo all over the place from my search of both of them. This was about 3000Ly from the bubble. Someone had suggested that this might be home...
  3. n13L5

    Whats the laziest ship to use for staying in CNB's for an hour or so to bounty hunt?

    I looked at a bunch of threads why Python overheats for no apparent reason, which gave me some clues, but some questions remained unanswered... (I haven't played since reputation decay got added to the game. 1.4, I think?) Issue: fighting a single Cobra for 1 minute in a CNB (pretty close to...
  4. Gunganator

    Community Event / Creation Outfitting database Tool Needs you!

    Outfitting database, Huge profits! With the help of some of my friends we have got the ball rolling on a Outfitting location tool. It's far from perfect but it's a start, and will be updated to make use easier as time goes on. However, and I know this will be a big ask. If just one in ten of...
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