1. G


    hello I wanted to know if it is possible to have a kind of marker on each asteroid that we have already scanned with the drone prospector because when you mine an asteroid that you do not have to explode like opal its to become enervant to fall back on the same asteroid that is empty or already...
  2. MadDogMurdock

    T-10 Mining?

    Haven’t played for ages because the FSS sucks so hard. Getting an FC is a goal that might get me playing again. Mining is the current credit meta and doesn’t need the FSS. Before 3.3 dropped I bought a T-10 for mining but hadn’t fitted it out yet. Is it good for deep core mining or should I use...
  3. Voivre

    [INDEPENDENT] United Federation of Explorers is recruiting

    The United Federation of Explorers is an international group of commanders that have come together for the benefit of humanity to take to the stars and explore it. There are no allegiances to anyone other than the human spirit, everyone is free to support whomever they want in the mutual...
  4. H

    Suicidal collector limpets

    Can we PLEASE change how collector behave, or make them much more durable? I literally just spent 3 limpets per painite collected, because they always just went face-first into the nearby rocks. Some of them even got some painite stuck INSIDE the rocks, making them unreachable... (This is an...
  5. A

    Mining fighters

    Either create mining specific fighters out allow for the loadout if fighters to be changed to include mining equipment. Imagine being able to use your cutter to scan for deep core asteroids, find one with a prospector limpet, then launch your mining fighter, place charges while your cutter...
  6. J

    Mining in Wing Bugged / Seismic Charges Not Functioning Properly

    When the new mining system was introduced I had no issue mining while in a wing. Now, when deep core mining, seismic charges for at least one player do not function properly while in a wing. Upon launching a seismic charge into a fissure, there is no countdown and no graph. It is as if the...
  7. FatalSuperior

    [INDEPENDENT] --GreyBeard Delta Squadron-- -OV40- Are you looking for a more experienced.. more adult..PS4 CMDR squad? Look no further.

    We are a predominately over 40’s group of commanders from all over the Earth who have come together to enjoy the Elite Dangerous universe to enjoy all aspects of the game. We are a PvE focused PS4 squadron and invite and encourage newer players to join as we have a wealth of experience to...
  8. Vice President Hank Sweeney


    About Us! The Retro Faction of Voltrigones is a Elite Dangerous Player Faction operating out of Low Dock in the Voltrigones system, providing a safe haven for Federal pilots, in an area of Empire controlled space. We’re a small group with a player minor faction based in EU (UK, NL, Swe) and...
  9. Orbitalai

    What does Bromellite asteroid look like?

    How does asteroid with core Bromellite look like?
  10. N

    Planetary Mining

    So Among Certain Like-minded players and streamers we have debated about how we could have more planetary interaction. Mining being one of them. Without drastically changing certain game mechanics we have come up with a few ideas for this. For The Ship: Large Planetary Vehicle Hanger for a...
  11. M

    Asteroid Cores Found in Belts

    Earlier today, u/SpanningTheBlack posted a screenshot of a asteroid in a belt cluster with a Painite core on the r/EliteMiners subreddit: Source: Naturally, this got me curious. With belt clusters being as...

    Void Opal sell off price cap changed?

    So early this morning I got up to finish the rest of my mining and went to to locate the nearest high selling market for void opals. I went to three different markets that were newest update for high selling prices to find that all three markets were capped at 754k and they were exactly...
  13. Attack Chimp

    HP Loadout 4 Mining

    If you had two medium hard points for a mining rig, which two are the best/fastest? I'm not a big fan of pre-3,3 mining, yet thought I'd give the new system a go. Thanks.
  14. A

    Make Pirate Attack awesome!

    The way Pirate Attacks work right now thy are pretty much meaningless. Just a place that has a good price for diamonds with no good explanation and no effect on the players. So i have a suggestion to make these truely mean something and justify the high reward for Void Opals there. This is...
  15. A

    For large ships: Ship-Launched Mining Craft.

    I’d be surprised if this hasn’t been suggested before, but I’m not gonna dig through pages of suggestions to find out. Title says it all, really: large ships, such as the Anaconda, and especially the Type-9 Heavy, could benefit greatly from being able to deploy ship-launched fighters equipped...
  16. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP Greenpeace Gank [DG2]

    CMDR Swizzy o7o7 saves the day, by halting an eco terrorist from exploiting preserved planetary rings (as proclaimed by Overlord, Zarek Null.) Z0,Z0.
  17. CMDR Novindus

    Mining Ships

    With the considerable work put into mining mechanics, and the resurgent popularity of prospecting in the game, I thought it time to revisit the old suggestion of having ships designed for mining, just as we do for exploration, trading, combat, and multi-roles. I'd like to see at least one...
  18. D

    Everyone's becoming a Pirate or Miner - Fdev something for the Lawful Combat Pilot?

    With the introduction of Squadrons, we now have a clan/guild system where many Squadrons have some form of ethos that their community follows. Some Squadrons are Exploration based, some Xeno Hunters, some Traders, some Miners, some are Pirates, and some are Lawful combat pilots (protectors), and...

    Type 7 needs a Medium hardpoint!

    With the new "gold rush" of mining, both the super-valuable void opals and just general core mining being great, it's now a very viable gameplay style for both new and old players. But with some of my newer friends to the game starting out, i've noticed there's two awkward holes in progression...
  20. Giyari

    Ship Launched Miner?

    With mining being a ton more enjoyable thanks to the recent changes, it's still lacking a little bit in the multicrew department. Collector limpets are all well and good, but moving an Anaconda around an exposed asteroid core to get an abrasion blaster hit, that's pretty annoying. Hell it's even...

    Prospectors crash into ship too easily

    In 3.3, prospector limpets gained a collision box, making it possible for them to collide with objects like your own ship on launch. This, in itself, is fine. Before 3.3, you could have the limpet phase through the canopy easily by just looking down after firing them, and that did look weird...

    Turn off proximity warning for limpets

    The proximity warning would be an useful and immersive tool for miners to try and avoid bumping into things outside of their field of vision, however, collector limpets constantly trigger the warning when near. This makes the proximity warning useless for its actual purpose, as it's active...
  23. Timpraetor

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Giving a Python a shot at Mining - Configuration review please

    Hi Folks, I'm changing things up a bit and going to pause grinding for Explorer Elite in exchange for some mining fun. I picked up a Python and outfitted it in a manner that "feels" right, but since I'm a noob at mining, I thought I'd put it out there for suggestions. If you're a miner and...
  24. TodaKuroitora

    Non-Engineered Builds - Exploration, Mining, Fighting

    Ok, so I understand that Engineering and Guardian based/influenced builds are part of the game. But why is it SO hard to find combinations with decent jump ranges, weapons, mining, and repair/limpet loadouts which are NOT engineered or guardian influenced? Some of us either do not want or, for...

    I FOUND A FIX TO THE BUGS OCCURRING IN WING VOID OPAL MINING... (Detonator Display not working etc)

    Over the past several days me and my wing have had experienced many repeatable bugs while attempting to do void opal core mining together and as a result of much frustration and loosing hundreds of millions of creds to the bugs, we have found a reliable fix... Basically while in the wing I...
  26. O

    Mining Fighters

    I know Elite may need a few more fixes to other things rather than more features, but I think mining could be improved by having SLF with mining loadouts. This way Large motherships like T9s, Cutters, and Anacondas can easier destroy and extract materials from asteroids without worrying about...
  27. CaptainCaboose

    Distant Worlds 2 T-9 Mining Rig

    After much tinkering and head scratching, this is the best I could come up with to meet my requirements, if anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate hearing them. My requirements: Full Suite of mining gear with at least 4 collectors SRV and SLF hangars(I...

    Have a shipyard at the Distant Worlds mining CG

    While it is really great that Frontier has agreed to have a mining CG in the middle of the galaxy, it does lead to a logistical problem for the vast majority of everyone actually taking part in the expedition. Most people came on the trip to explore, and thus don't actually have outfits that...
  29. CaptainCaboose

    Please critique my build: DW2 T9 Miner

    Evening everyone...
  30. S

    Ideas for Group/Large ship mining.

    So aside from the current problems of mining as a group and what i could only describe as Strange behavior. Detonation Yield not popping up Yield sometimes going to 100% with 1 Seismic charge. And the sometimes obnoxiously Stupid limpets. some other weird glitches Once...
  31. KombattWombatt

    Fissure Mining with a Friend

    Hey CMDRs, I have a friend who's been playing the game for a few weeks and I tried to take him Opal mining for some easy creds. He was having trouble getting the yield indicator to show up. Then, when I tried to jump in, I started having the same problem. It worked fine when I was there before...
  32. G

    Deep Space Shipyards + Ultra Rare Mining Request

    Dear Frontier, There are quite a few deep space stations which pay good money for mining commodities including : Farsight Expedition Base at HEART SECTOR IR-V B2-0, Base Camp at SOUL SECTOR EL-Y D7 and Sadr Logistics Depot at SADR REGION SECTOR GW-W C1-22. The big problem with mining at any of...
  33. AtomicMegaNerd

    Ships Kitchen sink mining build?

    When I get back from the bubble after my expedition into the black I am hopefully going to have a lot of credits to sink into a new Type-10 mining build. I want to create a large kitchen sink mining ship that will let me do classic as well as the core-hunting style mining. Now that the new...
  34. P

    New mining is nice but...

    Hello there, As a miner player, I find the new mining system really cool. But there is something really bothering me : Frontier, you pratically emptied the galaxy ! :-) Before 3.3, you ventured in an asteroid field, scratch here and there, and if you're lucky, you would find gems. But most of...
  35. V

    Void Opals getting stuck inside broken Asteroids. Cannot obtain.

    So there's a bug that is happening when minded Deep Core Rocks. I've run into this twice now but this second time around I think I know what's causing it. So first off, here's the issue. You find a Asteroid with Void Opals (might also happen with other rare materials) and you blow it up. The as...
  36. C

    Dear Santa... (mining fighter and subtypes)

    So, I know I've been really good this year, and I only flew my spaceship for good, and helped out my friends, and evacuated dozens of burning space stations, even when they locked me out because I was trying to get inside a burning station but had a fender bender... but that's a grumble for...
  37. Yamiks

    [Video] New mining "GOLD RUSH" 60-130mil/h

  38. S

    ship launched mining vehicles

    I would like to see a 3rd ship launched vehicle option, perhaps launched from the fighter bay. I think the dynamic of a larger class ship supporting myself while negotiating the new features of mining would be a blast! Any one agree?
  39. Justinian Octavius

    Mining Commodity Price & Squadrons Powerplay Leaderboard Feedback

    The last tweaks to mother lode material sell prices on specific commodity markets is creating genuine wild west style gold rushes at a couple of ports & stations (~1.5M per ton). This is excellent and brings mining almost inline with the passenger lounge & mission board but requires skill & user...
  40. number2301

    RED DICE SYSTEMS - Casual, Friendly, EU/PC Based PVE Squadron

    Our Offer We are a casual, open PVE focussed wing concentrating on fun cooperative gameplay, alongside providing a purpose for mission running, bounty hunting, and everything else by supporting our in game faction. In addition to regular daily priorities, we run varied events where we get...
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