1. C

    I'm struck and have absolutely no idea how i got here

    ok so after returning to the game after a year or so i spawn in the station "The Gnosis" in (Prode Dryeia RQ-C D 13-0) and i have no idea how i got in this station because my asp x only has a jump range of 31ly and the nearest stars ar 60ish ly away can i get some help to somehow get back to...
  2. D

    After the upgrade, all missions are gone.

    Hello. After the update on 05/02/2019 all the missions disappeared. And those that are in the process, and those that have already been completed and waited for them to pass. The missions were all at killing pirates in the Atropos system. In total, the taam performed was ~ 70kk. 3 days they...
  3. War Eagle

    Ever forget where you parked your ship?

    So I thought I would try out my Crater Buggy for the first time and don't you know on the way back I forgot where I parked the ship!!! Was freaking out like I lost my kid or something I knew that I was heading off into the setting sun(Didn't think to look at my GPS coOrd at all) kinda remember...
  4. Tyranno86

    T. Rex new skins

    Hello everyone ! I noticed that using all the T. Rex skins genes present, at the moment, in the game, nobody satisfies the expectations of realizing and seeing, the original skins of Jurassic Park and the lost world . In fact I believe that many players would like to see in the game, the T. Rex...
  5. xelono

    JP'93 (and Site-B'97-2001) Buildings Pack DLC

    Your Feature Request / Idea Ford Explorer Tour, Visitor Center, Fences, Gates, Hatchery. Laboratory from Site-B, Visitor Center from Site-B, Aviary.
  6. Kamiyoda

    Well played, Frontier.

    It seems the only way they could stop me from grinding out the new content in about 3 hours was luring me onto a megaship with promises of exploring the great unknown. *Shakes fist* I'll be back! *Edit* The space Madness is already setting in!!! Mods move this to Dangerous Discusion please!
  7. P

    All exploration data lost - I'm so fed up!

    Hi everyone, I have spent literally days and days exploring (something I am quite new to) as I had to travel 5000 light years to unlock Prof Palin. So guess what.....I did really well scanning all types of stars and bodies and was looking forward to amassing millions of credits doing this...
  8. M

    Powerplay Lost my merits?

    Pledged to Li Young 1 week 6 days ago. During the 1st week, I got 1500 merits from undermining missions, and reached rating 4 after the end of cycle. I saw today on the Tranasctions left panel that I’m entitled to 5 million credits for rating 4. Then sever maintenance took place. When server...
  9. GURU-951

    Crashed Beacons and Wrecked SRV's. Signs of a lost Colony?

    Today I went into an unknown system and decided to check the surface of the first 2 planets. I found two crashed Nav beacons and one wrecked SRV with its cargo all over the place from my search of both of them. This was about 3000Ly from the bubble. Someone had suggested that this might be home...
  10. LordMadmax76

    Game Not loading and loading a new game i never started

    I have been playing elite for years and have about 3weeks into the game time. I fly a fully modded Assp Explorer that i spent at least £20 on and also have a Viper that's modded. I have just been exploring to the center and found a little station in a nebula Bowston or something like that to fix...
  11. T

    Lost at Gloadai TO-R d4-0

    Hello Forum, yesterday I was exploring on my way back to the bubble. While being inattentive I used a neutron star to get further (and a bit higher). So I got stuck in the cluster around Gloadai TO-R d4-0. To safe weight and gain more distance I left my mining laser and stuff back at Colonia...
  12. A

    Lost and Found: ED:RPG Rulebook, signed

    Greetings, CMDRS o7 I was at the expo this year and somehow managed to acquire a copy of the ED:RPG core rulebook without even trying! I picked up my bag at the end of the day, already burgeoning with the Founders swag and lugged it to my hotel. When I unpacked it there was a signed copy of the...
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