1. WranglerActual

    Cubeo - Chelomey Orbital - High Lag

    My home base is Chelomey Orbital in Cubeo. Over the last week or two there are multiple NPCs (20+) in combat to the point that the game slows to choppy state with lag. Mission board sometimes takes a really long time to open. Game slows to a point that it is almost unplayable. Multiple...
  2. Irios

    It would be nice if FDEV could keep us updated on server problems. Please.

    The last 24 hours we have been plagued with "CONNECTION ERROR - Could not connect to transaction server" disconnects. The game is unplayable in its current state, and it is impossible to find any information whatsoever regarding this issue. (Are you even aware of this problem?). The same goes...
  3. T

    It's now time to throw P2P out the game.

    Dunno what muppet you guys employed to write your netcode, but fixed weapons are just about unplayable at this point, the target reticule making 3-6 inch hops accross the screen, matching no vector whatsoever. GET DEDICATED SERVERS OR HIRE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT NETCODING IS. Seriously, it's...
  4. T

    Galaxy map LAG

    Was just logging in today to gather intel on my next stretch, when I experienced the mother of all lags! Im about half way to Sag A, and have had lag before, but nothing like this. It was completely useless... So im wondering. Is there any trick to get around this? Ticking of every Star type...
  5. Serenity03

    Mission board issues and wing missions in SOLO play? Why?

    Please remove wing missions from the mission boards when in solo play. For two very important reasons. 1) Its solo play! 2) You replaced a big part of the reputation building missions and solo missions with wing missions. Now trying to build rep is even more of a grind than it already was...
  6. W

    Keep having connection errors when coming out of supercruise at particular station! >:(

    This keeps happening to me at a specific station. When doing evacuation passenger missions, the "coming out of supercruise" phase keeps freezing randomly, then I will get a connection error. And like every second time I redock at the damaged starport the passenger lounge experiences a server...
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