1. D

    Discord rich presence

    I've been thinking about discord's rich presence, then realized elite doesn't have integration with that. This is a missed opportunity since there are many large thriving elite discord servers and the potential usefulness of rich presence would be awesome. Think about it, being able to see if...
  2. IPFreely


    This will probably go no farther than the computer trashcan, but I'll post anyway. :cool: FDev is missing a LOT of profitability and the players would gain a good deal of great gameplay IMMERrrrrrrSION, by allowing buildings on the available planets and moons, - Im not asking for Atmospheric...
  3. Kleckerklotz

    Some thoughts about immersion + ideas

    First of all, I have to say: I love Elite Dangerous. Sound design is AAA (++), game depth is AAA, graphics are AAA, effects are AAA. Nothing to mention here. Therefore every following comment is meant to be constructive criticism. And you might guess where it's going. I'm going to talk about...
  4. A

    Jurassic Safari, 1993 JP theme, missing JP: OG features and some QOL changes.

    I really love JW:E and I can see it was made with a lot of passion and love for the JP franchise, and it's amazing what Frontier did in such short time. During my playthrough however, I found a few things that could be improved/changed, keeping in mind what is actually doable and what could be...
  5. max9000

    An idea on missions vs Rebuy cost

    I personally feel when it comes to missions, you should get some sort of bonus money based on how valuable your ship is, like first, the initial price of the mission, Plus an extra 50% Rebuy cost money added. The more expensive your ship is the more money you will make through doing missions...
  6. S

    Space Bars and Space Legs

    I want Space bar/cantina button available as an option in the Starport Services menu. Through this my holo-me character could be teleported direct to the space bar within the starport to conduct a variety of activities and make the whole experience more immersive and interesting. This could...
  7. D

    We need Music in space

    It would be cool if there were different radio stations offering everything from reggae to heavy metal or something like an "MP3 player" where you can upload your own music. And it would also be cool if there were really big ships where 10 people could work on it.
  8. zackplanetcoaster

    Ben Schiff's Wild Mouse on Planet Coaster?

    I wish this game have B.A Schiff's Wild Mouse coaster. Pictures: Frontier, please make that!
  9. R

    Ships I want to hear your thoughts on the subject.

    OK, so here's my situation, I already have an A-Rated Anaconda, for doing different activities, an A-Rated Federal Assault Ship set up solely for combat, a low end Type 9 solely for Cargo (working on its upgrades), and an A-Rated Dolphin to get around and take long trips (I absolutely love this...
  10. L

    My top 10 improvements for Elite!

    Greetings CMDRs, After playing Elite now about 500 hours I would like to share my ideas and problems to improving the game further: 1. „Make Elite Dangerous dangerous“ : Example: - If I am doing a trading run and I get interdicted by an NPC, I just throttle back, let the NPC interdict...
  11. K

    Designing new gameplay

    I decided to write this post to illustrate one method of designing engaging gameplay for Elite. Whether or not Frontier will ever have the resources (specifically, key employees) to make these sort of changes to the game is debatable, but the methods here are solid, being drawn from long...
  12. TheOriginalB

    For the future: Pirate Faction

    Looking forward to the future when the Thargoids and Guardians are sorted out, I think it would be interesting to create an official Pirate faction. From a lore standpoint, there was a subset of the population dissatisfied with the laws of the Federation, Empire, and even the Alliance. They...
  13. R

    Fleet carrier suggestions / ideas

    Firstly let me just say that this is by no means what I expect to see from the addition of fleet carriers but rather what I would like to see. Perhaps just some food for thought if nothing else. Ideas: 1: construction/purchasing of the fleet carriers themselves: I'd prefer there not...
  14. IPFreely

    Carrier Ideas

    Hoping the alleged Fleet Carrier will be available in an affordable "base version" for those players that have less than Billions of credits to throw away on a (so far) incomplete concept for a carrier to further the expansion of the Human Galactic Bubble, --- I would suggest the following...
  15. V

    Long Term Ideas for the Future of ED

    I am unsure if ideas like these have been suggested (or are publicly known as being planned to be added), I thought that they might be interesting ideas that would bring some good gameplay and interactions to Elite Dangerous. I am going to reference Eve Online (even though I did not play the...
  16. OldSchoolPlayer

    CQC option when waiting at a station.

    As per: You can have all sorts of possibilities with adding a CQC selection option in a starport station menu without having to log out.
  17. L

    a idea for a long distance feature to keep player base alive and active

    i would like to see base building ( with a modular upgrade system for storage , hangers , ship building ) on a distant planet - only accessible to triple elite players - thus keeping them active and giving them another reason to stay active on this masterpiece of a game. it might make me work a...
  18. kenwshmt

    General / Off-Topic ulysses 31, another not seen 80's space cartoon

    Somewhere between robotech and galaxy rangers.
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