1. C

    A Few Suggestions

    1. Staff buildings- Make it possible so that we can lock out certain staff types from staff buildings. For example, I have a staff building designed for security. However, other staff types are using it while my security staff uses other staff buildings not designed for them. (Ones that don't...
  2. A

    PLEASE make guests not take ages to load and unload!

    I have NEVER seen guests so slowly leaving rides in real life, its almost unbearable. The moment someone leaves the seat is the moment someone else should be let in, instead they always walk as slow as snails to the exit and by the time its over almost two minutes pass. that would NEVER pass in...
  3. RedHair

    The Guest Observer; get your crowd in control

    Dear lovely people, First of all, many thanks for the latest update and the stream tonight. It was wonderful to see all the creations and felt flattered also my Royal Diner has been shown. Many suggestions came in the chat, and I've personally been dreaming since RCT3 for this suggestion and...
  4. Icedude

    Tweak Guest AI regarding use of Transport Rides

    So I was messing around with a test park last night to see how guests entering/leaving the park via a monorail would work. You can make one too to see the weirdness. Just start a new sandbox, throw a hotel next to the park entrance gate, then run a loooong path (mine was like 500m) and put some...
  5. CarolinaSeeker94

    New Bench Animations?

    Is there anyway Frontier can fix the glitch for guests not to "Go through" the benches when they're sitting. Every single one of my guests are literally falling through my benches, and by that I mean as soon as they sit down there backside literally goes through the bench and you can see them...