1. W

    Flexi Colour Problem

    When I change the model's color, It isn't change. What should i do? Thanks for your help!
  2. MsRedNebula

    Completed Rotating dark ride tunnels, and balloons! For all your carnival needs.

    Per request (and this was something I wanted to make too!), here is a set of spinning dark ride tunnels. They are 8m in length and 5m wide, which accommodates rides very well. The tunnel spins slowly, giving the illusion that you're turning upside-down. These tunnels are found on many dark rides...
  3. MsRedNebula

    Completed Animatronic Butterfly - Two sizes, two animations, and recolorable!

    Ahahahaha, it's finally working! My butterflies have come out of their cocoons and are ready to flutter around your parks. There are four total, two different animations and two sizes of each. The larger ones are about 4m wide, comparable to critters like the giant spiders from the Spooky pack...
  4. A

    IMPROVEMENTS TO PATHS (suggestions)

    The pathsystem in Planet Coaster works, but has a few flaws and could be better than what it is now, and would improve the game significantly. Some of these flaws create frustrations while playing. So away with the bad stuff; Frontier, add the good stuff! The first thing is tunneling: We...